Thursday, December 30, 2010

Music for Stroke Victims

For the past week, I have spent every evening in the neurological unit of Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel to provide healing music and therapeutic singing sessions to a patient recovery from a major stroke less than two weeks ago. The sister of the fifty year old stroke victim was enthusiastic about having me come in during the first days after the stroke - even as her brother lay in the Intensive Care Unit.

My first visit to the Neuro Surgical Intensive Care Unit occured just two hours after he returned from surgery. He was still highly sedated, though when I began to sing, his eyes looked up towards his brain as if he were looking at the electronic pulses connecting the two hemispheres. It was so striking to me that I stopped singing. Perhaps it was too much?

I asked him: Silence? Or more music? He looked at me, not so able to speak, yet focusing upon something inside, when suddenly he responded in a clear voice: "More music. Play more music."

It was astounding.

Researchers from Finland found that if stroke patients listened to music for a couple of hours a day, their verbal memory and focused attention recovered better and they had a more positive mood than patients who did not listen to anything or who listened to audio books. This is the first time such an effect has been shown in humans and the researchers believe it has important implications for clinical practice.

"As a result of our findings, we suggest that everyday music listening during early stroke recovery offers a valuable addition to the patients' care- especially if other active forms of rehabilitation are not yet feasible at this stage-by providing an individually targeted, easy-to-conduct and inexpensive means to facilitate cognitive and emotional recovery," says Teppo Särkämö, the first author of the study.

Less than ten days later, the patient was moved out of the intensive care unit to a regular hospital room. When I sing, I ask him to conduct imagery exercises - imagining he is moving his legs, getting up, yet without trying to physically do it. His recovery is amazing the doctors and his family alike.

Yesterday, he actually sang with me. It was so exciting.

Since it is too early a stage to know exactly what the long term ramifications are - and he also can speak, I implement wordless singing. Since wordless singing is pre-cognitive, I believe that it exercises both hemispheres simultaneously.

It would be wonderful to have this medically tested.

What are your experiences with music and stroke? Or music and brain functioning, and specifically wordless singing?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Setting Limits with Heart

Do you have difficulty drawing limits with yourself? I for example, love the work I do with healing music. I can spend hours and hours researching the subject on the internet. When it comes time to break away, I don't. My body is softly whispering: "Honey, it's time to rest. Take a break". My mind is engaged. My curiosity compels me to check out - "just one more thing" which leads to "one more thing", which leads to "one more thing".

Before I know it, hours have passed. When I finally DO break away, my eyes are fried, my back is creaked and my inner voice is silenced with disappointment. Disappointed at my self ignorance - ignorance as in - ignoring.

I believe that ignoring is one of the most crippling means of self abnegation and violence. We avoid being kind to ourselves in the name of being kind to others. We are the last in line to receive our own compassion.

Now that holiday season is in full blast, you may be experiencing this phenomenon in full blast as well.

How do we turn this habit around? I'd like to share with you what I am doing that is really helping...

Setting limits with your heart.

The operative word here is "with your heart", not your head. There's a small but huge difference.

When you make a decision with your mind, when it comes time to reinforce the boundary, it's easy for your mind or your ego to argue with you. It's so easy for an inner battle of wills to begin. In order to avoid the battle, many times the mind just ignores your body's signals.

The heart speaks a softer language. It won't pound or pounce on you. It will acquiese to the powerful will. Though you won't feel so great about your ignoring yourself. The worst part about it is that only you know the difference.

When you make a decision with your heart, there is leeway. There's a soft and tender pliable movement, bending, not breaking your will.

Here's a healing music meditation for your self compassion:

So when it's time to leave my computer - when I have set a limit with my heart, and my mind says: "Just one more thing...", instead of responding in a contest of wills, I ask my heart if it is ok or not. I check in with how it feels in my heart.

If I get an open pliable response, I may just check that "one more thing", which quiets my mind. Then I leave. It makes me feel good about myself. If my heart reinforces the limit - at that point I am already conscious of having a conscious choice to make - contest of wills, or being kind to myself.

I choose being kind to myself.

Each day is a chance to learn a little bit more.
How do you set limits with yourself? Or not? What is the difference to you between setting limits with your heart? What do you notice?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Holiday Stress - Guided Meditation from Ancient Israel

Frantic? Rushed? In a hurry? Take two minutes to relax with this guided meditation and you'll be as good as new.

If you like it, there is more at:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two Hidden Keys to Care for Yourself in Conflict

Conflict is painful… In a fight for example, our natural tendency is to want to control the situation or person with whom we are fighting. The truth is, what really makes conflict so painful is that you're at war with reality. You want "them" to stop yelling, to behave differently, to acknowledge you, or maybe not even to agree with you, but just hear you.

But try as you might - it's out of your control.

It seems like you're caring of yourself because you're doing your best to get your needs met, but many times your way ends up frustrating you, depleting your energy and emotional well-being, wondering why it feels easier speaking to the wall.
The great news - it's never too late to make peace in your relationship with yourself.

It's about reconnecting to the source of your very own calm. Right now, in this present moment, you have 100% ability to arrive at that still, quiet place that patiently awaits you on the gentle shores beyond the stormy seas of your inner conflict. The first key to caring for yourself during conflict is this simple but forgotten truth:

We are the instruments of peace.

To live our lives in true harmony requires resolving our dissonant inner wars inside.
I had an incredible opportunity to resolve mine. It came in 2006 while bombs dropped on my quiet northern Galilee village. I learned amazing lessons as I stayed in the face of fire, even as war broke out.

It prompted me to write and record a book Quiet in the Eye of the Storm which helped me to connect in a much deeper way with people. It also taught me that no matter what is happening around us, we can find inner peace. The key to doing this is founded in the second forgotten truth:

Be Honest with Yourself

Many people deny to themselves how ill at ease they really feel when they meet with their inner conflict and vulnerability. It's almost like they're going against themselves, "It's not really so bad, They don't really mean it, I can handle it meditating and releasing."

Now while it may be true that it could be worse, take a moment to be honest with yourself here...

• How many eruptions have you had within the last month - where you were so set on being right that no resolution came from whatever the situation at hand was?
• How many times in the last week have you started out a conversation or correspondence with the best intentions and then watched it blow up as either you or the other person got defensive, hurt, or angry from a misunderstanding?
• How many people have you been meaning to connect with , but because you've feel frightened by your vulnerability and how that might affect they way they see or think about you, you're avoiding them altogether.
• How many people are you holding grudges against leaving you feeling hurt or angry?

It might seem like going in a negative direction to take a closer look at those things that are in conflict in your life, yet that's also the first part of rebalancing yourself and to living your life with more peace.

Now that you know where your vulnerable conflicts are, you can bring some awareness to those particular areas and watch your experiences transform from there.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Musical cure for insomniacs

How do you go to sleep at night? Are you the type who drops into deep sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow? Do you quietly review the day before going off to sleep? Or perhaps you are the type who counts sheep, which seem to multiply instead of escorting you into a peaceful slumber.

Perhaps you wake up in the middle of the night from some worrisome thought which make your mind run to meet up with those sheep yet again. The thoughts (and the sheep) don't seem to stop.

The way we go to sleep has an impact upon the quality of our sleep.
When you take time to consciously go to sleep, this can help you to enter a deeper state of relaxation.

I have had the pleasure this last month of working on a wonderful project to produce an album for those suffering from fibromyalgia and sleep deprivation. The recording in studio has been pretty challenging, since we keep falling asleep at the wheel! I hope that this is a good sign.

Here is a three minute music retreat, a short snippet from the album to help you go off into restful slumber.

Before you are too exhausted, rest comfortably in your favorite chair or in bed, with the music playing in the background. Review your day's activities. What did you enjoy most? Least? Acknowledge yourself for what you did Right. For whatever did not go as you had wished, consider how this might actually be for your highest good.

What did you experience when you listened?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spiritual Significance of Sound and Music

How does the spirit of your voice connect you with your essence, the very core of who you are? The essence of your voice is actually the source of all matter.

When you attune your Instrument, meaning the instrument of your body, mind and spirit, this results in a harmonious sonata of life.

When you have difficulty speaking or singing it's a sign that you have become out of tune or disconnected from your Source.

Some examples of this are:


It happens alot to people when they go to speak before others in public. In fact, did you know that fear of public speaking is the number one fear after the fear of death!?!?!

You become out of tune with your voice when you're:

•Trying to Hard
•Approaching the notes outside of you. You approach the sound as if it is outside of you and you need to achieve it, when it is the essence of your entire being.
•Questioning Yourself
•Listening to the Habitual Voices instead of the Nurturing Ones

How can you get back in tune, when your off key?
Not Running from what is out of tune. Meet it, and shift the key.

I believe that when people attune to the essence of their voice, the result is peace and tranquility.

I'd like to share with you a very special comprehensive book called the Spiritual Significance of Music, edited by Justin St Vincent. I have written a chapter which you can download the chapter for free online, it's called The Spirit of Sound. There are many other brilliant entries on the website as well. Justin is so dedicated to bringing the healing power of music to the public. Check out his website:

What is the biggest challenge you have with your voice?
How does it affect you?
What would being connected with your natural voice give you?
How would your life be more in harmony?

Look forward to creating a dialogue here. Look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Universal Love Through Ancient Music & Journey Winner

What is healing music of Ancient Israel?
How can it be effectively used today for our modern needs?
How can it help us connect with Universal Love?

Join Luciana Stiglich of Inner Healing Radio who will be interviewing me during an enlightening journey thru Israel Ancient Music knowledge on Healing and Universal Love!

I will be announcing the winner of a free private journey of transformation with me in Israel during the call.

Why Am I Doing This?

I want to thank you for your support of me in the Next Top Spiritual Author contest. Thanks to you, Miriam's Secret was one of 250 titles from over 3000 to make it to round two. Miriam's Secret is the result of a committment I made twenty years ago in France, while singing daily on the intercity trains. It is where I received my training (pun intended) for Voices of Eden Healing Music.

Providing this transformative journey to someone allows me to share the healing power of this holy land, with it's ancient music, which must be experienced directly.

It's truly beyond words.

The gift includes a two day journey with me in the holy land, including a private transformative music ceremony in the ancient healing music site, a trip to Miriam's Well, overnight stay in a pampering Galilee guest house overlooking the Sea of Galilee, and an empowering reading from one of the most powerful wisdom healers of Galilee.

We will have lots of fun on the radio program. I hope you will join us:
Sunday, October 31st 2PM EST, 11 AM PST, 1PM Peru and 20:00 Israel
Inner Healing Radio Show details. Call in number (USA): (347) 826-9216

Private transformative journey details. Guest house details.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 Major Benefits of Therapeutic Singing

The use of voice and rhythm as therapeutic healing tools is an ancient art form.

Ancient rattles from the third millennium BCE to the first century BCE have been excavated in archaeological sites all around Israel. Clay rattles that contain small stones or other materials for making noise

are believed to have been used for healing and ritualistic purposes. The photo on the left is of a clay rattle found in Tel Hazor.

Why do I write about ancient rattles and singers? I am dedicated to reviving this ancient art form which can help us to heal many a modern woe.

How was Therapeutic Singing used in Ancient Times?
  • In birthing chambers of ancient Egypt
  • In healing rituals of Ancient Israel
  • For spiritual and shamanic healing
  • In ancient hospitals for the mentally ill

How is it different from regular singing?

  • Inner Focused rather than Outer focused
  • Being "in service" to the music
  • Wordless. The wordless part evolved during a three year medical research project performed on this healing music modality, which I will write about in a future post.

What are the benefits of Therapeutic Singing?

  • Safe with no side effects
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improves concentration
  • Increased self confidence
  • Healthy bonding between parents and children
  • Community builder
  • Low Cost – needs no special equipment
Here's a major practical benefit of therapeutic singing that every person can use to...

Relieve Stress and Anxiety.
Have you ever found yourself nervously humming mmmm-mm-mmm-mmm to calm yourself down when you are feeling anxious about something and don't know what to do? We vocalize spontaneously. It is a natural human means of expression, that physiologically helps to calm our nerves. When we vocalize consciously, we can bring ourselves to a deeper sense of inner calm.

Here's a simple exercise you can try the next time you find yourself feeling anxious, make a conscious decision to hum to yourself. You don't even have to hum out loud. To reap the maximum effect:
  1. Focus your attention upon the center of gravity at the center of the earth. This will provide you with a grounding effect
  2. Feel the vibration of your voice warming your insides from the tip of your toes, up into your belly, then into your chest, up towards your shoulders, through your throat and up into your head.
  3. With each subsequent breath, bring your focus back down towards the center of the earth.

Try it. You might like it. You may just find yourself calming down.

What applications would you like help with with regards to therapeutic singing? Add it to the comments section below and I will address it in an upcoming post. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Your Healing Voice and Trust

The New Year (the Hebrew year goes by the lunar calendar) has officially begun, and I have just returned from a restful vacation with my family in Los Angeles to celebrate the Jewish Holidays.

Having the time to rest and visit with my family, evidently provided the universe with opportunity to shower me with ample blessings. Amongst them was visiting the Agape International Spiritual Center where 20 years ago I'd receive weekly doses of inspiration from Michael Beckwith (on right) which provided me with the eventual courage to leave my native Los Angeles behind for France (then to Israel). One of the healing spirituals I sang accapella to keep me inspired on my journey, to where, I was not sure, was "I Release and I Let Go", written by Rickie Byars Beckwith.

At the onset, this trip too, felt like a journey to the entire unknown.
Have you had that experience of anticipating an event, yet not even knowing what to anticipate? How do you respond? Do you go with the flow? Or do you try to control the river's current to stay safe?
Here's what I learned through writing on the flight from Tel Aviv - Rome - Los Angeles....
"I am God's pencil... write me... please write my story...",
I wrote, "After suceeding to sleep for three hours on the way from Tel Aviv to Rome, I awoke pretty refreshed. The weather is calm and cool and after having passed through the in-transit route last month on my way to present at the Music and Medicine Conference in NY, I already knew the ropes for easily getting through the airport security transit stations.
Upon arrival a voice spoke to me from within that eased the angst and exhaustion I have been grappling with over the last few months. The voice whispered: 'Isn't it true that you just slept on an airplane for three hours and without 'knowing how' to fly, you arrived safely to Rome? Who was flying? Who was guiding the plane? Did you trust the pilot to bring you here?'
'Yes', was my reply.
'So don't you think you could trust that power which benevolently brought you here to guide other aspects of you life?'
Interesting concept!
As I write these words, I am sitting onthe airplane, placing this trust into practice - surrending to the Divine to allow the two seats next to me to remain empty so that I can sleep on the way to LA. It's another thirteen hour flight.

TRUST.... I reminded myself.

When I had entered the duty free area passing through the transit stations, I saw the paper store where I remembered the altered state I experienced there on my way to New York last month. I had been spelled bound by the beauty of the traditionally hand crafted paper. There was a guest book where people could sign their names and check out the amazing quill pens that they sell as well.
I wrote my name and a note in Hebrew - a prayer that my voice would be heard loud and clear at the medical conference in NY and that my meeting with my brother would be joy filled. This morning, as I flipped through the pages of the guest book, I wondered if my note was still there. 'No, it was a month ago. Surely they have filled and replaced the guestbook many times over', the voice of doubt suggested. As I flipped through the pages looking for my Hebrew prayer, I came upon another note on the upper right hand corner of one of the middle pages:
'The Divine is Protecting You', it read.

Wow, my heart melted. I kept flipping through the pages and lo and behold, towards the back was the note I had written a month before on my way to NYC.
'I'm receiving support from my own guidance," I was amazed. I wanted to tape my thoughts and was sorry I had left my recorded at home in Israel. On the other hand, it prompted me to purchase the journal upon write I write and the pencil which glides across the page like silk. I'm remembering my love of writing, my love of journaling which kept me company as a child.
The seats got filled with two girls from Spain :-(....

'TRUST', I reminded myself once again. 'All is for the best.' Even though the special food I requested was not prepared for my meal, the steward was kind enough to organize an alternative through First Class. Nice!

TRUST. I want to practice allowing... Remember, the pilot is flying this ship. As I trust, the pilot to safely bring me to Los Angeles, I can surely trust the Big Pilot in the Sky to bring me to my inner home of calm.
TRUST in the unknown. I call this experience "the Black Swan"... not knowing what I don't even know that I don't know, and trusting that it will all be ok.
No Matter What.
We have the freedom to choose to live our lives as we dream. I was just reading an article (in Hebrew) that I brought from home about the coach Lisa Nichols and how she listens to her small still voice to guide her through the unknown.
As I was reading, my Spanish neighbor asked me what language I was reading. I replied: Hebrew. 'Funny', I continued, as I'm reading about someone from my native Los Angeles in the tongue of my home today'.
She asked me about life in Israel. 'Isn't it scary and dangerous?'
'Actually my life is safe - quite different from what you see in the media. I moved to Israel to be part of a solution through the example of my life.'
If through the example of my life, then I'd better get clearer about this trusting issue: No Matter What!. Either I forgot that I truly have the right to love my life as I dream or I never fully "got" it. My experience today comes as a revelation from the heavens, where, right now... I literally sit - up in the sky on this plane. "
How do you trust... No Matter What? I'd like to know!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Official or authentic power - which is stronger?

Official or authentic power – which matters more? When you speak up, where is your voice coming from? Do you tow the line of status quo, speaking in politically correct ways to avoid the criticism of what others might think of you if your way seems too way out?

This question came up recently during a high profile conference I was invited to attend in New York.

I was amongst thirty five neonatal music therapy experts invited to present at an invitational Music and Medicine symposium at a leading Medical Center in New York City. Professionals from ten countries around the globe, from China, to Australia, US and Canada, to Ireland, England, Germany, Russia, Korea and Israel gathered for three days to share their expertise and form an international consortium.

I was invited to present on the role of live singing as a healing music modality in the neonatal intensive care unit.

One of the things which moved me most was to be the representing our medical research, rather than the medical physician who oversaw the project. Though I am the founder of the entire healing music project at the hospital,

I do not hold an advanced academic degree.

Many years ago, I made a strategic decision to not continue academic studies. I am the one who is bringing this ancient technology back to this world. It is not taught in any academic institution. I consulted with a professor colleague whom I deeply esteemed who told me to trust my voice and go my own way. He said that the knowledge I share will naturally find its audience.

So after a period of deep soul searching, I decided to trust that. Founding a music project in the neonatal ward was a big step towards physically proving the healing properties of this forgotten ancient music form. Spiritually, it was already clear. So, to be professionally acknowledged for my founding this project had a profound impact upon me.

Since my work is experiential in nature and the idea of the symposium was for us to share our knowledge with one another, I decided to present through singing, rather than the officially accepted didactic powerpoint presentation. I began as I usually do, singing wordlessly into the frame drum.

You could have heard a pin drop.

The silence was palpable, so deep that all those in attendance were at ease. Silence so golden… that is until I broke into tears and sobbed out my first words… thank you, thank you…
I found myself amongst medical professionals from Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital of Australia, and directors of an International Music Therapy Association that represents music therapy protocols across the spectrum of many
nations. My heart felt tears evolved into a healing singing session. "Is my authenticity helping or hindering this official presentation?" I wondered. I kept going with the flow of tears and the harmonious blend of beautiful voices that joined me.

Going all the way...

On the last day of our symposium, we had an session to brain storm how to develop a worldwide consortium for certification of neonatal music therapy. Our professional experience as pioneers in the field was the reason for us having been officially selected to attend this symposium.

I liked learning how different people from different countries have widely different expectations about how to bring about change. It was exciting to learn how different countries operate systematically. It shattered my assumptions of "how things should officially work" into little pieces of glass. I found that refreshing to the authentic side of me, that loves to see things in a new light.
Several people ruminated over the minimum level of professional proficiency required to provide music therapy in a neonatal care setting. Some said a masters degree would be minimum. Others said study towards a doctorate degree would be preferred.

Do I fit in?

I suddenly began to squirm. "Am I in the right place?" I wondered. I have no advanced academic degree, even though the more than 45,000 hours I have invested over the last sixteen years – from live field research to studying the relevant medical and archaeological research finds could provide me with more than a few post doctorate degrees. "Should I authentically speak up?" I mused. "Should I keep quiet? I already broke into tears during my official presentation. This might be too much"

I found myself raising my hand, and when my turn was called I stood and claimed:
"I really appreciate this session and I really appreciate having been invited as one of the experts to this symposium to contribute towards the evolvement of neonatal music therapy. Though I am the founder of the neonatal music project at our hospital, and have had my writing published in international medical journals, I have no advanced degree. I made a strategic decision many years ago to NOT go for further academic study because my message is to help people trust their own voice, and know that who they are is already enough. If the criteria for training will be academic degrees, I am not sure where this leaves me?"

Authentic, or official suicide?

I sat down feeling so good about having authentically spoken my truth.
I felt very good about myself. On the other hand, I had no idea what would be the response of my colleagues from around the world. Perhaps I had just committed professional suicide? My loving inner voice replied: "If you committed professional suicide, then this is not the right place for you anyway. You are committed to authentically show up and in the right place, you will be supported for that".

Upon this closing session, we said our goodbyes. When I went to thank the symposium director, and say goodbye, I felt a bit nervous. After all, my closing words had been anything but "politically correct". To my great surprise she thanked me for my contribution adding that who I am and how I present myself provided inspiration for many people.
Showing up unofficially, but authentically provided great rewards. The biggest one is my increased self confidence and self esteem.

Is your authenticity official?

Where have you had the courage to authentically speak up for yourself, when the stakes seemed very high? What happened? What were the results? Where could apply this to other areas in your life?

I'm waiting to hear from you.

If you could use some support to show up and express yourself more authentically I invite you to join us in the Authentic Voice telecourse which will begin on the 26th of this month.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shana Tova with Ancient Voices and Rhythms for Living Peace

Yeh, well, I got pretty excited this evening remembering the recording from last year's New Year healing music concert in Tivon. Cool that I can repost it here.

Pomegranites, Galilee, freshness, a new start.

I love hearing all those voices in singing in the background. It really exemplifies Voices of Eden.

So, what are you considering for yourself for this new year? By the way, if you're not Jewish, no one said, you can't have two New Years'. Jewish New Years goes by the lunar calendar... Go ahead... allow yourself to dream... What do you see?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When authenticity trumps efficiency

Today is hot in Galilee, in more ways than one... and it has taught me a great lesson that I'd like to share with you.

"Sometimes", they say, "the road to hell can be paved with good intentions..."
Such was the case this morning when a colleague of mine called to fill me in on the details of the evening event I am scheduled to attend to celebrate a local networking group. Many people are slated to attend, and my offer to provide a live music piece at some point during the ceremony was accepted, even though, I am not a part of this particular networking group.

My colleague asked if I plan to bring cds to sell. "Of course", I answered. She said that this evening is a celebration, not a networking and sales event, so it will not be appropriate. I was suprised, and of course, I accepted. Yet when I hung up the phone, I felt an uncomfortable tug in my gut. I was counting on this large event to account for a major part of my income this week. I am going through a buisness building process and have made commitments which I need to be responsible for following through on.

I sat quietly and reflected what to do? If I go to this event, I won't make the cd sales. Perhaps I should go to another group, which is focused upon marketing? I silently debated with the various voices, and decided to follow the voice of "responsiblity and efficiency". I am committed to my goal, and have made commitments to others... I called back the colleague and told her the truth: I have a financial commitment to complete, I did not know there would be no cd sales, therefore, I will go to another group this evening, and come to them next week, after the celebration party, when business returns to normal. She agreed.

Then I wrote an email to the head of the group, apologizing that I will not be able to make it, and explaining my situation. I then made arrangements to attend an alternative event this evening, dedicated to networking, presentations, and sales of gifts for the holidays (here in Israel, we are at the brink of the Jewish New Year, which is equivalent to Christmas and New Years in Europe and N. America). It's big gift giving time.

A few minutes after I arranged to travel to the center of the country to the other meeting, the head of the networking group called and said: "I know you have made your decision and that is fine. I just want to let you know that it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and changes the way I look at you."


I listened to him speak, at first, bracing myself for standing up for my decision. After all, I knew I was letting them down. On the other hand, if I did not follow through on my commitment to myself, then I would be letting ME down, not able to be there for anyone else, anyway... I just listened and listened.

Something inside of me shifted. Through his sharing, I realized how much he cared about me. He took the time to express his dissappointment. He took the time to say what he honestly feels. Through listening to him, I realized that I had made a mistake.

So instead of defending myself, and my decision, I shared with him my decision making process and let him in on my quandry.

As a result, I changed my mind. I ended up cancelling the other meeting, which was also embarrassing, yet I learned a big lesson... That following through on a commitment, means following through on caring. The results don't neccessarily come from how the mind expects that it should. Networking, in the truest sense, is made of building relationships.

They were kind enough to include me in the ceremony. This is a great opportunity for many to hear the special music I have to give. By my showing up to celebrate, I may just find that the abundance of good, and the results might be even better than I expect.

The heat of the conversation, actually melted my heart...

How to turn heated conversations into melted hearts:
1) Listen
2) Don't run when you want to... keep listening with an open heart
3) Be willing to be wrong... this can make things right...

What have you learned in this area for yourself?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Music Therapy in the NICU

I'm just recovering from jetlag after a world wind tour to NYC to present at the International Summit for Music Therapy in the NICU. First Sounds: Rhythm, Breath and Lullaby was a major cool international summit sponsored by the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine who sponsored the program, with a donation by the Heather on Earth foundation.

This invitational Summit included 35 doctors, nurses, music therapists, healing music specialists (moi :-) and psychologists working in the NICU. The intent was to develop an international alliance and plan for training international practitioners in NICU music therapy.

My presentation on wordless singing and the five elements of Voices of Eden healing music, which was experiential in nature, was punctuated by a flood of tears which unexpectedly burst open as I acknowledged the blessing of us all being in that one room together.

Thanks to Joanne Loewy who had the foresight to bring these experts together, from literally, all corners of the globe. The countries represented were (in alphabetical order):

* Argentina
* Australia
* China
* England
* Germany
* Ireland
* Israel
* Spain
* Sweden
* United States

I had the pleasure of rooming with Kat Fulton of, a music therapist residing in San Diego, CA who works with rhythm in the NICU. Her site is definately worth checking out. Kat summarized our very full and intense conference with the following topics that were covered:

* Program design and implementation in Europe (Germany)
* Noise, Music, and the Environment in the NICU (USA)
* Music Therapy as a Semiotic System of Communication (Spain)
* Interplay with the Medically Fragile Infant (Australia)
* Development of a Trauma-Informed NICU Music Therapy Treatment Model (USA)
* Wordless Melodies: Voices of Eden (Israel)
* The Pacifier Activated Lullaby: From Theory to Practice (USA)
* NICU Palliative Care: Anticipatory Grief & Bereavement (USA)
* Guided Imagery and Music with a Bereaved Parent: Case Study (USA)
* Live Infant-Directed Singing and Instrumental Music for Expression and Interaction (USA)
* Heather on Earth Multi-Site Research Study (USA)
* Music and Maternal Sounds in the NICU (USA)
* Neurological Development to Inform Music Selections in the NICU (USA)
* Analysis of Music Therapy Contributions (Spain)
* Relational Psychophysiology: Lessons from Mother-Infant Interaction (USA)
* Pain, Songs of Kin and Sedation (USA)

It was a stroke of Divine providence that my brother and niece Julia happened to be in New York the same day I arrived, so we got to meet for dinner at TGIF (where a cocktail party was given for us the first evening of the summit). What a blessing.

My favorite moments of the summit were during the cocktail party when we spontaneously broke into a rhythmic improvisation - it was a heavenly blend of glasses, spoons, cups and the plastic barrel played stupendously by one of the "very musically inclined" waiters who came to join us. I was in ecstasy.

Special thanks to Joanne Loewy, Sherry Williams and the staff at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York for making this International Summit possible! Support for the summit came from the Heather on Earth Music Foundation, Remo, and the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How can ancient hands support you today?

I am getting ready to leave for my brief tour to the US next week to present at the Music and Medicine Symposium at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC and thinking about sticky New York summer weather makes me grateful for the current heat, and the popsicles which are cooling down the inner heat.

There is alot of heat bubbling these days. Not just from the summer heat, but from so much change going on ... we are all experiencing it... Sometimes the confusion created may seem so great that we reach up our hands in frustration.

While in the midst of change and confusion, ancient hands can provide us with a great deal of support and clarity.

How do ancient hands provide protection?

Many cultures have regarded not only as a source of human power, but also as representative of a higher power. Ellen Frankel and Betsy Platkin Teusch write in The Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols, that the notion of the Divine hand protecting, formed the symbol of "hamsa" from the Semitic root meaning "five". The hamsa is a hand shaped amulet to protect and ward off the "evil eye".

The hamsa is used throughout the middle east and mediterranean, and is common to Jewish, Christian and Moslem cultures. It is used as a decorative motif, a popular house warming or gift for good health. The traditional color used in the mediterranean to adorn the hamsa, is turquoise, blue, green - which is also aymbol of health, and of nourishing water.

The photos of hamsot (plural of hamsa) are those I created as a healing gift item from Galilee. The shards you see, are 1000+ year old pottery shards which I have hand picked (pun intended), from the healing music sites of Galilee.

I love the feel of my hands on the dry earth as I pick up each shard. I feel that each one is a gem, crying out to be rediscovered... "Pick me up please! Help me put the broken pieces of my forgotten self back together." Each one I treat like a jewel. My hand caresses them. It is one of my favorite past times to find these ancient shards. I have collections of them in beautiful bowls next to the hamsas adorning the living room walls.

When the ancient symbol of the protective hand is placed with the shards, it can provide you with deep focus and concentration.

I have a hamsa hanging in my bedroom, just opposite my bed. Upon the hamsa are three pomegranates (another ancient symbol of fertility and abundance) and the word "success" printed upon it. Every morning when I awake, before getting out of bed, I meditate upon that symbol. I find that it grounds me, and fills me with quiet power for what I am about to meet that day.

Where could ancient hands provide you with support?

Perhaps you could draw a hamsa to relax. You could even outline your hand with a crayon (remember doing that as a kid)?

You could also use your own hands to pat yourself on the back for all the great things you are doing!

Or, if you are so willing to express your authentic creativity and natural voice, you could use your hands to play rhythms, using your body as an instrument. You can use this video clip of a healing music program I gave to a group of physically handicapped youth. It is so amazing to see how their playing relaxes them and provides stress release and nourishment to their minds and bodies.

What will you do today to provide protective hands to yourself?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Self Compassion Softens Jagged Edges

Are you interested in changing some of the things that you find yourself saying to yourself over and over again that don't exactly serve your highest good?

Perhaps you've already made a commitment to make peace with yourself by choosing to change one of those self defeating phrases that keeps you a silent prisoner of your inner war. When it is most important for you to express what is in your heart you need to come forth as a knight in shining armor for yourself.

So you write out what you plan to say. You call a friend to discuss your fears so they won't get in the way when you need to speak what is in your heart in real time. You practice your speech in front of the mirror to experience the level of confidence you need to shine in the moment when it counts most to you.

In the moment of truth, all hell breaks loose

The moment arrives. You're ready. It feels so good to have prepared beforehand. Yet when you open your mouth, instead of expressing what is in your heart, you find yourself saying other things you never meant to say.

The listener had this funny look on their face. "What will they think of me?", you wonder to yourself. They seem stressed and uptight. You didn't want to stir them up anymore than they already are so you speak about what you think will please them instead of what you had originally planned.

You can speak your heart another time, anyway. You're a kind person and care. Hmm… Really?

How kind towards yourself? Afterwards your inner voice silently criticizes you, "Why didn't you speak from your heart? Why can't you follow through like (whoever you compare yourself to most), "You'd have done better if only..., Now it's a fact, you are not as good as (whoever you compare yourself to most), It's too late, you failed again." Not the most harmonious tune.

As Wayne Dyer writes in his book, Real Magic, our personality is made up of the hundreds of habitual ways that we conduct the daily physical affairs of our life.

Your habits reveal you.

Your habits say something about how you have chosen to live your life and to how you use your powerful mind. They pattern the way you speak to yourself and how you behave.

The problem is that even when you make a decision to change a habit, you may find that your inner warriors come to do battle with your intentions to make positive change within yourself.

How can you stay focused when your resistance sends arrows to your gut instead of lovingly defending your heart's desire?

Deconstruct to Reconstruct

When the foundation upon which you built your way of expressing yourself no longer works, it many times means that it's time for a renovation.

Renovation requires deconstruction. Deconstruction is dirty work. It's not comfortable and it can bring up a lot of stress.

One of my clients, a singer with several years of classic vocal training behind her came to me longing to release and express her natural voice. She only felt safe singing and speaking formally, in the way she had been trained.

When she dared speak or sing her heart, she would tear herself apart afterwards with harsh inner criticism that it wasn't pretty or good enough. "I will fail. I will fall. I will embarrass myself, or worse, I will embarrass others, and this will embarrass me even more. Better to just hold back."

Though others thought of her as extremely talented, her negative self talk was eating her alive. Through the gentle process of questioning the daggers of her inner criticism, she began to challenge even the stickiest thorns of her life. Through employing the healing music element of silence and focus, instead of reacting to the attacks, she found renewed energy by simply listening to them, and gently chose to respond to herself with loving kindness and acceptance.

With self compassion, you can truly perform magic in your life.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Making peace with your inner conflicts

Are you interested in changing some of the things that you find yourself saying to yourself over and over again that don't exactly serve your highest good? I just found an article which I wrote a few years ago, and find that it still applies today...

Perhaps you've already made a commitment to make peace with yourself by choosing to change one of those self defeating phrases that keeps you a silent prisoner of your inner war. When it is most important for you to express what is in your heart you need to come forth as a knight in shining armor for yourself.

So you write out what you plan to say. You call a friend to discuss your fears so they won't get in the way when you need to speak what is in your heart in real time. You practice your speech in front of the mirror to experience the level of confidence you need to shine in the moment when it counts most to you.

In the moment of truth, all hell breaks loose

The moment arrives. You're ready. It feels so good to have prepared beforehand. Yet when you open your mouth, instead of expressing what is in your heart, you find yourself saying other things you never meant to say.

The listener had this funny look on their face. "What will they think of me?", you wonder to yourself. They seem stressed and uptight. You didn't want to stir them up anymore than they already are so you speak about what you think will please them instead of what you had originally planned.

You can speak your heart another time, anyway. You're a kind person and care. Hmm… Really?

How kind towards yourself? Afterwards your inner voice silently criticizes you, "Why didn't you speak from your heart? Why can't you follow through like (whoever you compare yourself to most), "You'd have done better if only..., Now it's a fact, you are not as good as (whoever you compare yourself to most), It's too late, you failed again."
Not the most harmonious tune.

As Wayne Dyer writes in his book, Real Magic, our personality is made up of the hundreds of habitual ways that we conduct the daily physical affairs of our life.

Your habits reveal you.

Your habits say something about how you have chosen to live your life and to how you use your powerful mind. They pattern the way you speak to yourself and how you behave.

The problem is that even when you make a decision to change a habit, you may find that your inner warriors come to do battle with your intentions to make positive change within yourself.

How can you stay focused when your resistance sends arrows to your gut instead of lovingly defending your heart's desire?

Deconstruct to Reconstruct

When the foundation upon which you built your way of expressing yourself no longer works, it many times means that it's time for a renovation. Renovation requires deconstruction. Deconstruction is dirty work. It's not comfortable and it can bring up a lot of stress.

One of my clients, a singer with several years of classic vocal training behind her came to me longing to release and express her natural voice. She only felt safe singing and speaking formally, in the way she had been trained.

When she dared speak or sing her heart, she would tear herself apart afterwards with harsh inner criticism that it wasn't pretty or good enough.
When we began the course to ease

Test the limits. I could fail. I will fall. I will embarrass myself, or worse, I will embarrass others, and this will embarrass me even more.

Better to just hold back. Only there is no more time. I committed to write this newsletter. It's been more than a week and a half since I wrote. It's a really tender time for me.
With the magical powers of your persuasion, you can choose to challenge even the stickiest thorns of your life.

One of my clients, a busy medical doctor, when I first met him, was so stressed that even without saying a word, the tension from his persona, shouted like an announcer over the loud speakers, "ee gads, I am going nuts". The fact that his wife had just given birth to a premature baby in intensive care was not helping matters any more.

I'm a medical doctor, so vocal meditation isn't exactly what you would call my "cup of tea". But, I gotta admit it, this CD relaxes me and my family, including my newborn premature son in a way that other CDs haven't done before. Lord knows we've tried.

So how do you respond when the &*%^ hits the fan?

This week I have met with lots of challenge. I gave my best. I was hoping for a better deal. Hoping that what I had to contribute would be recognized.I was hoping for more connection with the other teachers. I was looking forward to team work. All I got was a lot of competition. I am feeling hurt that my givingness was not recognized.I am feeling unseen and unheard and this is the most painful thing for me.Misunderstood or ignored. That is what has hurt the most in my life. The invisible force of nature and energy

Is it easier to go along with the war than to stand up alone, like a lone soldier who can be knocked down with a single shot?

Not all war happens with bombs and guns.

There are war zones in everyday life. In order to make the healing and transformational power of music practical tools for daily life, I'm looking for a few readers to interview (by phone or Skype).

I'll be asking about where they most long for peace. What's in the way? What makes it hard to practice peace-making exercises?

If you're interested, please email me.

In the meantime, please enjoy this short 30 second peace making music meditation I recorded this afternoon, focusing upon making peace with inner war, allowing for the authentic colors of my voice to be heard.

I hope that you will allow yours to be heard as well. Look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Balkan Dance in Israel

Edna Rimon took fabulous photos of the twenty fifth year anniversary of the Balkan folk dance club in Haifa Israel. To celebrate with us, the Balkan music performers - Chubritza, came to Israel to play their wonderful music, while we danced (and I also sang and drummed in a few pieces).

Aviella Angel (really an angel) wearing the Balkanitsa t-shirt, is one of the organizers.

You can enjoy more photos here:

This gave me a very good break from writing my book proposal for Miriam's Secret and using the healing music to release the stress connected with the Next Top Spiritual Author contest, whose voting deadline is today. You can tell by this photo, I am pretty dreamy faced (smiling yet with little sleep).,

What does Miriam's Secret and Balkan dance movement in Israel share in commo?n



Love of rhythm, movement and music as healthy means of living

Community builder

Thanks to both Balkanitsa, Dunav (the Jerusalem balkan dance group), Chubritza who graced us with their lovely live music, and every single person who helped make this event such a success by helping to organize, and showing up to enjoy in the festivities.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Music Meditation for Support

I just love this photo that photographer Nitza Levine shot at a recent networking meeting and art auction in Haifa.

What does business networking, an art auction and music meditation have in common?

1) Mutual support
2) Supporting art

Supports everyone. Man does not live by bread alone. Aesthetics are a spiritual value.
When we become so focused on "achieving" we lose sight of the forest through the trees.

In my case, a beautiful tree donated it's life to alchemically transform itself into a frame drum.

Life is support. When we support one another, we support ourselves. Life supports us.

What role do aesthetics play in your life? How do you allow music and art to support you?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mozart and Voices of Eden on CBS News

Do you believe everything you see on the news? Did you know that I sing and play Mozart? According to CBS television, evidently so.

If you watch this video (type in Music and Weight Gain in the search box watch), you'll see Sunita Staneslow - my healing harpist colleague with whom I work at Meir Hospital in our healing music project and I are both shown making music in the neonatal ward. You'll see me singing to babies, and working with mothers.

Only they're reporting about Mozart music. Evidently Voices of Eden music and Mozart are now being compared!

Music And Weight Gain

Wondering how to use this blooper and misrespresentation on CBS's part to get the word out about Voices of Eden music and Miriam's Secret?

What ideas do you have for me? I am all ears...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Remaining Relaxed in the Midst of Change

How do you remain relaxed and focused in the midst of change? Perhaps it seems impossible? You know that experience of... take two steps forward, one back. Sometimes it might even feel like... two steps forward, three backwards...

It seems that the moment we commit to making a deep inner change, the deeper silt may come floating to the surface. Though we know we're moving ahead towards something good, instead of soaring, with wings outstretched, it may feel instead like falling into a deep bottomless pit.

Last week, I took my students to Tel Megiddo, the site of Armaggedon. Tel Megiddo is one of the more prominent archeological sites in the world, as it serves as the pinnacle of biblical archeology. In addition, it is one of the few places in the world where you can see thirty strata of different civilizations spanning some 10,000years. This alone is enough to put your worries in proportion :-)! This is the site where the prophetess Deborah sat court under the palm trees.

The round temple mound alone, shows 17 layers of civilization. It was a joy to play the bells there, to clear the energy prior to our descending deep in the belly of the earth, to reach the pure water of the well resting some 300 meters below the earth.

The sounds of the women singing on the way down were mysterious and awesome. It was dark.... until we got to the bottom. Water nymphs singing in the belly of the earth? Scary or inspiring? What do you think?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Healing Music for Premature Baby

Wordless singing has been medically proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate, increase focus and quality of sleep amongst neonates in the NICU unit. In this video clip, I am guiding a new mother to sing with her baby in the neonatal ward of Meir Hospital. This lovely mother, appropriately named Shira, which in Hebrew means "singing - song" has taken to singing along with the monitor beeping in order to lower her own level of stress. You can hear the music composed for the healing music research project.

I have also opened a new blog specifically for lullaby music:

How do you calm yourself in the midst of the "beeping monitors" of daily life?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Desktop Altar, Anita Diamant & Miriam

On Anita Diamants blog: The Red Tent... and more... she posted a photo of the items on her desktop altar. This was in response to a query from a curious reader. At the end of her post, Anita asked: What is on your desktop altar?

So, I flipped open my trusty cell phone camera and clicked the photo above.
On my desktop altar (from right to left - as befits a Hebrew speaker :-)...

1) Clay statuette of Miriam that I made some seven years ago on a glorious vacation in the Sinai desert. This statuette, fashioned from simple clay mud found in Sinai, which I sealed with simple glue (now peeling), has chaperoned me through countless ancient healing music tours overseas. It's my number one touchstone.

2) An ancient pottery handle which I found in Tel Hazor - an sacred healing music site in northern Galillee. This provides me with something to hold onto... when I don't know where to go next. It provides me with lots of faith.

3) A small Egyptian tambourine. Provides me with the sound of music.

4 & 5) Another ancient pottery handle picked up on a recent visit to Tel Megiddo (Armageddon) and Tel Dor (Phoenician site next to Atlit). These were also important sites for ancient sacred healing music of the biblical prophetesses.

6) Finger cymbals. Hand made in Egypt, I use these to dissipate energy. When I need a break, I ring them. It reminds me of the music I recorded with them in the ancient water well of Zippori.

7) A small peace dove bookmarker gift handmade by a colleague of mine. It reminds me of the beauty of simple aesthetic found in Israel. It calms me.

8) Behind the Miriam statuette - my logo - that includes a statuette of Miriam found in Achziv in the Western Galilee, dating from the Helenistic period. The Hebrew says: Kolot Eden - Havaya Musikaleet Tehorah... which in English means...

Voices of Eden
Pure and Authentic Music Experience

What's on your desktop altar?

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Next Top Spiritual Author Contest - Winning Round One

It is Saturday, or in Hebrew, Shabbat.

Shabbat comes from the Hebrew root letters: Shin-Bet-Taf. These letters share the same root of the verb "to sit". Shabbat is a time to contemplate the week passed.

Today I am sitting to contemplate the last several weeks completed of Round One of the Next Top Spiritual Authors Contest.

Approximately 3000 authors entered the contest... 250 would be chosen to go on to Round Two. The ultimate winner of this contest, sponsored by Hampton Roads Publishing, will receive a publishing contract. The voting deadline closed on May 3, with the announcement of the 250 winners to be made by Thursday, May 6.

A few days can seem like an eternity.

My task was to stay on purpose, inside and to keep a steady pace moving forward. Regardless of the results, I made a commitment to complete Miriam's Secret by the end of this year. If I didn't win this round, would I be courageous enough to follow through? If I did win, would I be willing to meet my fears and move forward?

The contests' creators' sent an email promotion of their own projects the day following the voting deadline. Some of the authors were outraged and complained bitterly. The contest creator sent an email in response.

The path to one's goal is filled with detours.

I enjoyed many inner detours on the path of my own response:

1) Reserving my own judgment on both sides of the issue in favor of deepening my sense of equinimity.

2) My willingness to notice my judgements as they arose. I filled out Judge Your Neighbor worksheets of The Work by Byron Katie, to set my thinking free.

I appreciated the angered emails, reflecting that competitive voice inside – "no" – "won't move ahead"... it's a small fine line... in this place one gets to be righteous and indignant.

3) Appreciation of how the contest creator addressed criticism head on AND stood up for himself transparently, e.g. "you'll find in the… (xyz places) written that we will send announcements... etc..."

I knew this when I signed on. I chose to sign on to use this platform as a support to get my OWN VOICE out there. What I appreciate seeing modeled is how people DO PLAY BIG.

Stretching beyond the comfort zone.

If you spend all your energy trying to dart the bullets, how will you ever move forward?

YUP, people will criticize you when you move ahead. People may even want to attack. Yet if you spend all your energy trying to appease "them", where will you have the energy to appease yourself?

Courage is having the discipline to stand by yourself in times of doubt.

Holistic winning requires several things:

1) Compassion. Criticism may sting. It's not a comfortable place to be.

2) Self Respect. Leaders are those who are willing to tread the unbeaten path.

3) Remaining Open... Especially in the face of a big OUCH; such as when others criticize us for moving ahead. Seeing how the contest creator responded gave me courage to keep my heart open.

I wrote a response thanking them for showing up, and opening the door for me to show up in a much bigger way as well. We all benefit! Taking the time to acknowledge them and me, publicly is a BIG CHANGE, for me. The shift is in the focus, not upon the physical action. I have decided to WIN.

WINNING starts and ends WITHIN.

Here's what I wrote the morning following the cutoff for Round One voting:

My experience inside of me is shifting. It is a big payoff.

I guess we are all so used to sitting in our comfortable habits - with the mediocre payoff of getting to be "right" about our beliefs. Staying as much as I can in the NOW moment. In the end, we don't have final control (although it's so nice to believe that we do :-)!

I am in LOVE. And I appreciate YOU.


I credit the win to all of us. I acknowledge my response above as a major contributor.

The next two weeks are for finishing the book proposal and uploading it to the contest site.
Voting for Round Two will begin May 24th.

Every one who votes receives a membership in the online healing and transformational music site, and also goes into a raffle to win a free Transformational Journey Intensive with me in Israel, where I will personally take you to Miriam's Well and Magdalene's Well.

Come visit on my facebook pages:

Miriam's Secret:

My personal page:

Voices of Eden page

Monday, April 26, 2010

Next Top Spiritual Author Contest Update - Miriam's Secret

Here's an update from Tel Dor - at a major cool ancient Phonecian temple on the mediterranean coast. Please remember to watch this video with an authentic healing music meditation - with directions for a free eight step relaxation program. Learn more about Miriam's Secret...

Please vote and ">help reveal Miriam's Secret...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am truly jazzed to have entered the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest sponsored by Hampton Roads Publishing. 2500 authors have entered this contest, which includes four rounds. The finalist wins a publishing contract for their book.

250 of the authors with the highest number of votes will go on to round two. I intend to be amonst them. Voting ends May 3. Please for for me here:

Enjoy this clip to learn about my book - Miriam's Secret - Midwiving the Birth of Your Inner Transformation...

Thank you for voting for me, and sending this link to ten of your friends, and asking them to do the same.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Next Top Spiritual Author

I am writing this post to announce that I have entered The Next Top Spiritual Author Contest - it's a great step for me, as I have been preparing my book - Miriam's Secret - Empowering Your Voice Within You, or, Healthy Bonding with Your Inner Mother and Child. Those are a few of the tentative subtitles.

I will be blogging about this process - first hand.

Gotta run now. Will write more later.

Friday, April 02, 2010

How do you stay on purpose when going through change?

With spring in the air, it's a time of rebirth. I love that spacious feeling of having the space and time to consider change and choose new direction.

Yet rebirth, like transformation, doesn't come without it's pain and pressure. Saying "yes" to one direction, means saying "no" to another. Others may not like it. Perhaps it will upset the apple cart.

How do you stay on purpose when going through change?

How do you respond to family, friends or colleagues who get stirred up by your transformation in process?

In his book "Real Magic", author Wayne Dyer shares how he has personally learned to avoid slings and arrows that come his way in his public pursuits. He has trained himself to ignore others' opinions and stay on purpose. His focus is upon his inner mission to help improve other people's lives and sticking with it, regardless of the outcome. Ironically, he shares as he is more on purpose, his speaking and communication flow.

I got very inspired by reading his words again after many years. My heart has been directing me to serve in a bigger way and share my talents through creative means. My intent is to help people more authentically express themselves. As I make inner changes, I meet up with more of my own inner slings and arrows and learn to make peace with them.

When you’re in turmoil, how do you connect to and express your inner voice of peace? Like when you’re in the turmoil part?

Scott Johnson, Director of the Positive Music Association, who I interviewed for the Educational Home Study System:
FINDING INNER PEACE IN TROUBLED TIMES - Transformational Interviews with 7 Living Peace Makers had this to say:

"I try to think my way around stuff and it doesn’t seem to work. I think you just have to be present with it. I’ll give you an example of how music has helped me. I had my own graphic design business for 12 years out of my home. Last year I took a day job in a new industry. I was miserable for the first eight or nine months of it. While it didn't feed my soul, it fed the family and that’s important.

During that time I wrote a song from that experience called "Get Me Out of Here". It’s a great blues song... To be able to express myself constructively without damaging others or things, or polluting the world - sitting down at the piano and writing about it and singing it, helped me deal with and move through it. The song has a lot of emotion behind it and makes me feel good when I sing it now."

I love how Scott alchemically transformed his misery through music, providing himself and others with a powerful source for self nurturing.

The other interviews in the home study course share other inspiring stories from the trenches: meeting life and death issues, million dollar debt, relationship conflict, challenges with children, coping with depression, managing conflict with equanimity, patience, kindness and compassion.

I am following my heart's guidance to offer this very special interview series at a "Name Your Own Price" through April 30, 2010. There are absolutely no strings attached. I am including the bonuses and a money back guarantee as well.

Like Wayne Dyer, I am simply doing what I know to be the right thing - showing up in a bigger way for me while truly hoping to contribute to improve the lives of others and doing divine work.

So grateful!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birth Music - for abundant good

Spring is quickly approaching... with it... an abundance of flowers, colors and the rebirth of life and goodness. To this end, I have decided to begin giving away all of my music.

I believe that doing this will bring more good into my life, and in an exponential way, into the life of others.

For those of you interested in birthing good into your own life, whether this be related to birth of a baby in your family, or whether the birth be of another kind, please allow me to invite you to a gift of healing music and allow the sounds and rhythm to midwive the birth of your own good.

Email Marketing You Can Trust

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healing Nature and Music

Last week, two students of mine, Eshel Rozio and Birgit Reshef and I made a pilgrimage to Tel Kadesh in the upper Galilee, home to an ancient temple as well as an amazing pistachio tree which was uprooted by a bomb which blasted it open during the war in 2006.

The incredible thing is, the blast, seemed to free the shape of a female body. Could it be the spirit of the Asherah - female divinity of ancient Hebrew tradition?

We let nature do the singing. This video is uncut, unedited... imperfectly human. Our vulnerable voices, allowing nature to sing through us.

What do you receive from listening to this? Can you see the feminine figure of the tree? Can't wait to hear from you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It has nothing to do with you

Tony Parsons - well, if you call that one by a name - really will blow your mind...

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel reunite

I am feeling so satisfied to discover that the Egyptian press has published the article I wrote about the Voices of Eden healing music research project.

Kudos to Bikya Masr and to the Daily News Egypt both for publishing the article about Israeli and Palestinian women making peace through Healing Lullaby Music.

The whole point of my initiating this research project was to reconnect the two ancient civilizations of Israel and Egypt. There were times during which the healers of both places used voice, sound and rhythm as a natural healer. A big use of it was in childbirth and lullaby music.

I am humbled to learn that a new connection has been remade through this small but powerful gesture of good will.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Girl Power

There is power in vulnerability, sensitivity and emotion. This video came to my email box as I wrote in my journal about a dream, reconciling deep conviction with deep insecurity. Stop denying yourself from being who you are:

Monday, January 04, 2010

Validation - This will put a smile on your face :-)

This is an absolutely imaginative and beautiful expression of authentic voice. It brought a huge smile to me this morning and I hope it will to you too:

I wonder what went on in your mind as you watched?