Monday, July 31, 2006

Quiet in the Eye of the Storm

It is past four thirty in the morning. I've been sitting at the computer since 10 am straight.

Yes, that's a long time, but I have been going through labor, giving birth to my new book: Quiet in the Eye of the Storm: Living in Peace in a War Zone.

I am sooooooooooo excited about it. I feel that my life is full of purpose... so grateful to be able to share hope and inspiration in these times.

Following is an excerpt from the intro:

The purpose of this book is to help you prepare for the best even in the worst of all circumstances. A war zone could be in Bloomington, Indiana, the French countryside, or the South Pacific, as much as in the Middle East. I just happen to be in northern Israel at the present moment, where a conflict is occurring; however I learned the techniques I want to share with you now over the last 25 years in many different countries. Choosing right now to prepare for the best means choosing how to respond in the moment when things have gone awry. Although you cannot control what happens to you, you have every bit of control of how you respond, and this determines how you experience your present. The choices you make in the present have a direct influence on the shape of future events.
Make no mistake about it, your voice is important. Each voice contributes to the entire, wider world in which we live.
When people of good conscience, such as you, are confronted with images of war and conflict, it’s a difficult experience. You want to love and be peaceful, and you have a powerful need to make sense out of what you perceive. But it’s hard not to judge. After all, whatever you believe about who is “at fault,” you’re right. Resistance provokes resistance. There is some truth to every claim of injury and every side of a disagreement. To resolve conflicts, we all need to practice the solution. We need to begin to focus our attention in a new way.
This is not a book about “magical” or “positive” thinking. The bombs may not immediately stop just because you or I get peaceful inside. But when enough people join us, and there is little resistance to peaceful living, the bombs will stop.
If you think that your little part in our world doesn’t make a difference, it won’t. If you believe that you do make a difference, you will. Imagine what the world could be like if each person believed that their little parts made a difference and they chose to prepare for the best even in the worst of situations. What do you think the world would look like then? Everything could change for the better in the blink of an eye.
This book is not about writing to your Congressman or government representative. It’s about connecting with your own power and voice of peace. When we reach the limit where enough people are tired enough of the same-old same-old political and military conflicts and they’re finally so exhausted that they’re willing to open their hearts, I believe things will change. As a world we’ll be exhausted enough to let go and go to the place where we haven’t been before: to stop judging—first of all, ourselves.
I am one person amongst billions. I know the power of my voice. Through the intimate stories in this book I am sharing what I am going through during the current conflict because I am discovering a deeper experience of living peace. This is an opportunity to implement the tools I’ve been teaching for many years and practice them under extreme circumstances. In expecting the best outcome for peace, I am holding in mind and experiencing my connection with everyone.
Years ago, after a career in the high-tech industry and as a marketer, I left the United States and started over in France. I’d been a spiritual seeker for most of my life, and I finally made the decision to let go of my attachment to the people, places, and things that had defined me up to then. In France, I worked as a freelance broadcaster, and ultimately transitioned from that to a more unusual lifestyle singing on the inter-city trains.
An inner voice called me to move to Israel in 1994 and establish a healing music center in the Galilee in “a green place where one also sees blue.” It took me ten years to locate the site of this vision, and then I met someone who guided me to the village where I now live overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Throughout the years, I had continued my practice of “letting go” and trusting my spiritual guidance to show me what to do.
The five tools of peaceful living that are described in Quiet in the Eye of the Storm—silence, the heartbeat, a single long note, melody, and rhythm—come right out of the Voices of Eden musical approach I’ve developed and teach around the world. These blend ancient, sacred technology going back as far as the earliest Goddess-worshipping people with Eastern and Western musical elements continuously used from then until the present day. We’ve studied them in medical research settings and they’re proven to reduce stress, help you sleep better, and to improve focus. As you read through the book, I hope you experience these benefits firsthand and are more able to handle any confusion and pain that you face.

The book is available for immediate download at:

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Third Saturday in the War Zone

Following is an email I received just now from a wonderful woman in New York who directs a beautiful healing center:

Hi Eliana,
Hope you're well.
I can only "imagine" what it must be like to live in a war zone. I'm sure it must be terrifying to live moment to moment in survival mode, forcing you to think your way through life rather than having the luxury of feeling.
Keep singing, & loving your way forward and let the doors open with new opportunities for peace.

Feel free to quote any of my messages if you think they're worth repeating..... Still sending prayers of Peace & Love, Jodi

This is the reply I sent:

Hi Jodi,
Thanks for your email.
Frankly, I am not terrified at all.
I am feeling more than I ever have.
NOT FEELING and THINKING, I am learning,
is what ends up causing war. When we disconnect
from our humanity, it is easy to objectify (whomever and whatever)
and "get rid" of the "enemy out there" - never mind what side.

Truth being though, the enemy is inside. That is where I am busy
making peace with myself - learning much compassion for my
ugliest parts. It's a real gift.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Therapy Times and Healing Music

I am honored to have been chosen to write a healing music column for
The Therapy Times`

This will be a great opportunity to share all kinds of practical tools as well as to answer questions regarding conscious use of voice, rhythm and music as a natural healer.

During this war, there is ample opportunity to practice what I teach. You know, the teacher has much to learn from the students. I have become an avid student of peace amidst this war, seeing how I can find new applications for ancient use of music and percussion.

This photo is of cymbals recently unearthed during an archaeological dig in Megiddo, lower Galilee. It is said that Megiddo is the location of the end of the world. Is this so? Could be. I would say that the end of this world is the beginning of something new and very different than what we have known up until now.

It includes the rebirth and rememberance of the way of the ancients, bringing back what worked well and was in tune with nature.

In the two day special event that I will lead in New York, we will explore the ancient use of percussion as a means to herald in health and renewal, exactly at the point and in the places where it is needed most - in our cut off, wounded psyches.

Healing our own inner war wounds is the biggest contribution we can make to society.
Our personal example allows for others to be inspired. One by one, we chime the individual notes of the harmonic choir of humanity with the Divine as conductor.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Life goes on as usual

Here I am in the center of the country, and life goes on as usual.
I will return tonight to the north. My neighbor and friend Leah, is staying
here with me at my friends house in Even Yehuda... as there was no public transportation yesterday to take her back up north.

So what does one do, while in the center of the country.
We went this morning to the local branch meeting of BNI, an international
networking group. My local group from up north has not met for the last two weeks
since public places are required to stay closed - preventing danger of too many people being in one place at the same time.

It was funny attending the meeting, since usually I market my healing music center, where groups come to experience quiet and stress release. This morning, I could not market it, as my village is shut down for business.

I marketed my writing abilities in English - brochures, business proposals, advertisements, etc... My communication was very clear... I received good feedback as well as a few leads. I'm going to have to find an alternative way to bring in income for the next while.

At the right time, in the right way, income comes to me in the very best way...
That is what I am reminding myself.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Refugee from the North

I now know what it's like to be a refugee.

Please, don't feel sad, if anything, feel compassion.

I've been thinking, that either everyone loses or everyone wins.

People are displaced from their homes on both sides of the border.
It's a travesty. On the other hand, my heart goes out to all of us.

I am convinced that good will come from all of this, because it is what I
choose as my experience.

Already, I went to the bank, post office and pharmacy in the Sharon area (as in the Rose of Sharon, from the bible. It is the area where I lived for almost ten years.

All the people I ran into ask about my welfare. It warmed my heart.
On my way out of the town of Tel Mond, an elderly Yemenite woman stood waiting
at the intersection hitchhiking a ride to her community some eight kilometers away.

In response to the idea in my head at that instant - about where income is going to come from, I decided to take her to her destination. I laughed to myself at the instantaneous replies we receive from the heavens above. Two minutes before, I had had a worried thought about my work and income - cuz everything has been shut down in the north. I chose to reply to myself in the affirmative. I KNOW everything is ok. I KNOW that the Divine provides for all - if we will only allow it. I chose to open myself to this stream of abundance.

It was at that very moment that I saw the woman. With her in the car, I silently thanked the Divine for my abundance of free time, and four wheels, that would take this needy lady to her home. It filled me with a sense of abundance.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Going to the Well

I am going to the well, in more ways than one.

Right now I am packing to go to the center of the country for a few days.

Missiles fell a bit too close for comfort at the edge of my village. The inner and outer directives tell me to leave.

It is painful. I want nothing more than to stay in my home. My neighbors will feed the cats. Tuesday we have the Thank Water Ceremony, but in Tel Aviv and not the Galilee as was originally planned.

I am thankful to know that this really is my home. I am so thankful to have wonderful friends who receive me with open arms without question. They even said I can bring the cats if I want:-)...

I am sure that they will be in good care with the neighbors until I return.

Thank you so much for all your support. It would be FANTASTIC if you will hold in mind the highest good, and practice connecting with YOUR inner quiet...

THen, hold that in mind expanding beyond your self.... until everything becomes the same self.

I will do the same.

We can compare notes later. Hopefully will write later from my the Sharon, back to the area where I lived before I moved to the Galilee.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Brides Wedding Party in Galilee, Israel

The wedding yesterday was the brides party. Only women.. plus Kamal and his best man. IT was beautiful and poignant. So good to leave Amirim for a short while and be amidst a celebration.

The music drowned out the fighter planes overhead. The children played and celebrated too. It was a just balance - new beginnings, birth, in the midst of much death and destruction.

Tomorrow night is the feast. The religious Druze leaders will attend, and so there will be no music... it is against the religion.

Tonight, five women from the surrounding area met here for a potluck dinner and meditation upon the above. I lit the entire house by candlelight.

So much pain and so much gratitude exist all at the same time.

To everything there is a season, and I pray that all this war and destruction shall lead to a huge rebirth.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Arab Wedding in the Israel War Zone

In ten minutes, I will leave for Maghrar, the village ten minutes down the hill to attend the women's party of my friend Mohammads son Kamal.

I debated whether to attend or not, until about an hour ago. It is so close, yet so far. I have been sequestered in my hill village for the entire week, and have not gone out once, if only to deliver Matthias, my German guest, to the bus station after last weekend.

The inner voice says: "Go. Being with the women will give you strength and it will inspire you".

My neighbors Hava and Aviva will join me.

I'll fill you in later on how it was.
I am so moved by the communication during this war. It moves me often to tears. On one hand, I feel cut off, from daily life, on the other hand, more connected than ever to the essence of life!

I received a beautiful email from Jane Abromowitz, a lovely lady who also writes an uplifting and inspiring blog from Israel (more evidence that I am not
the only one :-)!!!!! Visit her blog here:

I wrote this to her and I wish it for all of us:

I am sure that the river will clean out all the debris from the current stormy waters in your life, and holding in mind that each one of us will move in the direction that serves our highest good.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

War and Sleep - or lack of it

Can you believe it? I have been up all night.

The rooster is crowing. It is almost five thirty in the morning.
This war is having it's way with my body clock. Learning to make peace with that too.

I guess I'll go take a shower, do my morning meditation and then go to sleep.

Between five and six in the morning is a powerful time to sit and focus upon intention.

Peace in the War Zone

I just came back to the computer after going to sleep.
Only I lay there with too much on my mind to allow me to doze off.

Also, I slept until one o clock this afternoon. My body clock is way off.

War'll do it to you every time :-)...
Forgetting that I had just sent out another message to my good news email list (you can subscribe at: , I reopened the computer to discover ten well wishing emails from the announcement. What a plesant suprise! Thanks!

I decided to write what I learned as I was sitting in meditation before getting into bed, and before trying to fall asleep. I am writing down my experiences (there are so many and will organize them into a book) that I will be able to share with others in a constructive way. Gonna go write some more now.

Thank god for the computer and for internet. It's a life saver in war. Makes me feel connected.

All the best....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Latest Breaking News from Israel: Northern Galilee

I have been up since five thirty. Not because the missiles kept me up... I kept the fan on last night to silence the military vehicles with white noise...

No, I have been up to start writing a book to share how I am staying peaceful in the midst of all this calamity.

I swear, I am finding such deep compassion and meaning in life, by showing up, moment by moment.

I'll keep you filled in .

My morning coffee was punctuated by the song of birds chirping in the trees (will write more later about this)... It was quite amazing to experience the duality of both the silence, the song and the hum of the fighter planes in the distance.

It all exists at the same time.

What do you want to focus upon? I am choosing the silence.

There's something bigger here, and I am going to find out what it is... and share my good with you.

Please remember to do something kind for yourself today... you deserve it!

Monday, July 17, 2006

A twisted back to straighten out my attitude

So today, has been spent mostly in front of the computer.

I already wrote about taking Matthias to the bus this morning.
He arrived to Caesaria safely and spent the day wandering around the ancient
Roman ruins, and site of the Hebrew spiritual Eli Eli (Oh Everlasting Divine), written by Hanah Senesh, the resistance fighter who was captured by the Nazis on her way into Germany to free Jews from the concentration camps.

Funny how yesterday we had a talk about the holocaust. In my youth I was incredibly sensitive around the subject. I refused to go to Germany. During my years living in France, I had a major healing with it, enabling me to enjoy a music peace tour there as well as host and share that delicious weekend in the Galilee with Matthias, in peace, while the military planes flew overhead and missiles flew around us.

Matthias just called to say good night. I told him about the connection. We had a good laugh over the irony of God's creativity in bringing about healing for us all.

Make no mistake about it... healing is happening... even in this war. I am one example of it, and there are many others.

This afternoon - after speaking to my mom on the phone (she lives in LA) and assuring her that I will take good care of myself (it's part of the Jewish gene pool :-)... I left the house to go swimming. At least a dip in the water will refresh me. Bombs can't explode in water... they will just melt. It was a comforting thougth.

I got to the pool and was suprised by the amount of activity going on. These last few days, the village (and everywhere else in the north has been like a ghost town).
The children were playing in the water. I was only able to swim two laps before my back rebelled. I am getting the message over and over again: "Stop, rest, look and listen. You will find everything you need".

Those minutes that I sat by the pool watching two children play hide and seek in the shallow end of the pool, taught me without a shadow of a doubt, that innocence is the way... especially in response to violence. They don't know what is going on. They continue to play.

I do not mean to say that we should be irresponsible... I suspect there may be those of you reading whose minds may criticize. This is ok. Only I ask you to consider another option - something that I am learning big time these days: compassion.

Compassion is born of innocence. If we truly allow ourselves to connect to that part of ourselves, we will find the solution to our basic problem... disconnection from the Source... that sense of being alone.

I am applying it right now. Half hour ago, bombs hit Carmiel, Rosh Pina and Tsfat... that is very close to me... I heard alot of commotion in the distance. It is leading me to prepare my bedding in a center room of the house, where there are no windows, just to be safe... This has brought up fear.

How do I respond.... I meet the fear - meaning I am not running from it, I am accepting it. I ask it what it is teaching me. I listen for the answer. I asked whether I need to leave. The still small voice answered, no, yet it might be a good idea to sleep in a secured space. I am being obedient to that voice. Better safe than sorry (I've gotta write the blog tomorrow, no :-)??!! I will take care of myself and do what is neccessary to protect my being.

Tonight I go to sleep confident in the Highest Good. I am sure of it. I surrender to it. I have NO IDEA what it looks like, or what it feels like now, but I am 100% committed to learn and experience it. THis war is teaching me true peace. Stay tuned, I will fill you in on what I learn.

Not knowing is a powerfully safe place to be. AMEN... and good night.

Weathering the Weather

This morning I awoke feeling so much better.
Allowing myself to feel the deep pain yesterday washed me clean.

Matthias and I left at 8:00 am to go to my yoga class in the village.
Only on the way up the hill Bea called to say the course is cancelled.
No one is coming... she said.

I decided to take Matthias to Carmiel - to the bus station... hoping there would be buses. Yesterday, there was no transporation and the roads were closed.

Last night, we had no water for about an hour. I wasn't sure what to expect this morning.

The road was silent and the stormy clouds reflected the dark mood. It was such bizarre weather for the middle of the summer.

I dropped Matthias at the bus station, fortunately there were limited buses running.
I continued to the supermarket, to the bank and to the gas station.

On the way from the supermarket, I picked up a hitchhiker from Sakhnin, on his way to the shopping center. Sakhnin is the Arab town, whose soccer team won the World Cup for Israel this last year.

I let the hitchiker out, and he thanked me graciously. It felt good to have something to give in this gloomy atmosphere.

With my trunk filled with food and water, I made my way back up the hill to Amirim, the village where I live. We are fortunate to be blocked by a large mountain "Mitzpeh HaYamim". The missiles (katyushas) would either hit before the mountain or after it.

Today I have been inside - mostly on the internet. My cat is sleeping on my lap, paws locked on top of my fingers as they type this entry.

I feel glad for the sunshine. Glad for the hour. Glad for the moment to be alive. People have been calling and emailing yesterday and today. It feels so good to know that others are thinking of me. It makes me want to give even more.

I really hope that people are reading these entries... I have NO idea.

IT would be great to hear from you.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My tears could water an entire garden

Renatia, a lovely woman from Rosh Pina, who spent the last two days sleeping in a bunker, decided to come out and sleep in her house.

She called this morning to share a song that she is in the process of preparing. During the conversation, she mentioned something about Germany, I asked if that is where she was originally from. When she answered, yes, I suggested that perhaps she would like to speak to my guest, Matthias. I was thinking that perhaps it would provide him support to speak to someone in his native language.

As Renatia and Mathias spoke, I lay on the couch, deep pain in my back, tears welling in my eyes and silent sobbing convulsions finishing the cycle.

I am crying because I feel pain. My inner voice says: "Yes, sweetheart, cry... it is so healthy to be human." I dont' know Matthias very well, so I wondered how he would respond to my tears. Habit made me want to stifle it.

"No. It is healthy. It is human. It is loving. Thank God you are a human being with feelings. Let the boy see your pain. Let the boy see who you really are, what you are honestly made of". Tears are coming to my eyes as I write.

I hurt. I hurt because of all the good that gets squished by the ignorance and fear of others who cannot see. And I do not intend to hate them back. That would only be continuing the cycle. It would be easy. I would have lots of support for it... but I would not feel satisfied.

So today, I cannot work. I am in pain. My back is tied in knots like those of the ancient olive trees in the biblical groves below my village.

I am grateful to the friend who asked me to consider what is even more powerful than love.... compassion. He suggested that I sit with this pain, and find my compassion within it.

So , I am doing this. It brings the ancient pain of generations of dissappointed failure and fear and isolation to the surface.

Thank God for my opportunity to heal. I promise to use every bit of this pain of war to resolutely end my inner war - compassionately.

Love is stronger than fear or hate, or my isolated aloneness. Thank God I have someone here to give to. Thank God for what I have to give. Thank God for the war that is teaching me peace. May I be able to share this with others.


Morning amidst the missiles and marketing

With the roads closed here, and my lovely German guest here in our peace filled bubble, it is a support to receive your comment.

All of us are saddened by destruction - doesn't matter how it happens and by whom... everyone loses.

It causes me to practice compassion... That's all I have to say this morning.

The other thing is that I have to go to the market. I wonder if they are open? I think I'll go to the small store in the village, save myself the need to go out. Best to lie low today.

I thank God for the oasis of peace I am in.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blast in Northern Israel - Watch It!!!

This is a blast of a DIFFERENT kind... if you get my drift.

It's a video filmed last week by Rani Barghouti, son of my peace activist friend, Kamel Barghouti of Nazareth. Every first Friday night of the month is Open House here in Amirim in the hills of Galilee.

Another peace friend came from Ramallah in the Palestine Authority... Daria and her daughter Kyra were here from the US. On Saturday Daria gave a great peace concert here for the families. Many others from all over came as well.

At the end of the evening, we filmed this short piece with the peace flag banner that Daria brought me as a gift to the Peace Center.

Go to the site to watch it:

Saturday, Eden and Missiles

In the background, I could hear the boom, boom of the missiles landing in the distance. Where I was not sure.

I sat on my porch table, coffee in hand, cat perched on the green tablecloth, purring her usual morning song.

Inside, Matthias lay quiet, drunk in the midst of his slumber.

"How can all this exist at the same time?" I wondered to myself.

Last night after posting my evening blog, I did a short search on google to get an update from the latest news. It didn't take more than one minute of perusing the front page of headlines before I made the decision to turn the computer off. Each headline expressed some jargon or particular political slant that the newspaper or wire service was trying to sell.

Here I am sitting in the middle of missiles going off, choosing to make peace with the contradiction and pain around me.

It's so easy to point fingers or to make simple conclusions about the situation. We do this every day with all kinds of situations in life. It's dangerous. It leads to more mayhem.

Each one of us is responsible for how we think and choose. I am so sorry at how few of us in humanity know to apply this. I am so sorry that we get so carried away by the drama of life, that we never get to reach underneath it's facade.

Beneath the dark beyonds of the scary depths - beneath the bowels of the earth, lie the answers to our deepest secrets. It is there that I am willing to go today.

Yes, today, I feel sad. And today I feel human. Today I feel compassion for the dark and the light.

Who am I to judge. I will not fall into that trap. It's a dead-end street. I am on a journey into the unknown. Yes, it's scary, and it's also exciting.

What if there is a larger picture to all this? What if there is something beyond, what seems evident.

I am choosing to go there. I'll keep you posted. Please ask me questions. I would love to answer.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Late Breaking News

I'm tired... gonna go to bed as soon as I post this message.

Matthias, my guest from Germany is sound asleep, after three days of hiking through the Galilee hills.

Funny huh?! He's been hiking while the bombs drop.

We are so drugged by the brain washing of commercial media, that the news of rockets, immediately conjure up images and war torn damage everywhere, in every place.

This is not so. Matthias was living in a different reality these last several days.
I live in another one as well.

Do you know how good it felt to be in the company of many people today, who consciously chose to meet to share in harmony.

One of my students said that she told no one where she was coming because she was afraid of their response... "How can you leave home?" "What am I going to do, sit at home and wither away?", she asked. "I know in my heart that I am safe."

I think it's sad that we, who are faithful and filled with courage, feel like we have to hide our light. I think that THIS is the big shame...

I'm no longer willing to hide my light under a bushel. I am so grateful to have playmates.

Sweet dreams.

My latest news from Northern Israel

I will be writing more regularly - as much as possible now, in order to provide you with my personal experience of living in peace, even while rockets are blaring around the area where I live.

Yesterday, when the missiles began to hit the Western Galilee, I wrote a quick newsletter that I mailed out to my mailing list and also to my family. It was preceeded by: "Before you read too much news and watch too much television, I write this message to provide you with my personal account... of living in the Galilee today. How does one respond with peace in the midst of mayhem? Consciously, answering my own question.

Last night, I drove to Nazareth to attend the concluding concert of Daria's English camp program. Award winning singing Daria
came for two weeks to Israel with her delightful daughter Kyra, to volunteer at an English summer camp directed by my dear friend Kamel Barghouti. Single handedly, Kamel arranged this innovative camp.

Daria and I met through the internet. She read an article that I wrote for Global Rhythm Magazine, about how Israeli and Palestinian musicians navigate the mid-east crises. I wrote the piece at the height of the Intifada (crises), a few years back.

Last year, Daria and her colleague Nalida Silva attended my performance in the Music of Peace concert at the United Nations, where we met in person. I performed at Daria's daughter's school. She mentioned wanting to come to Israel. I told her that I didn't know how I could help, but I will keep her wish in mind. I spoke to Kamel about Daria, and he was delighted with the idea. This trip, is the result of the introduction.

The roads were almost empty, most people sequestered in their homes.

I arrived to Nazareth to the performance. Almost two hundred children bustling with youthful energy and their parents filled the community center auditorium. I brought my drum with me... thinking that singing for the children would uplift my spirits, and keep me focused on healthy, constructive thoughts.

It wasn't easy. During the concert, I was feeling heavy and sad inside. I allowed room for it, not wanting to suppress my natural expression. It came time for Daria and my piece together - Shalom - Salaam. How appropriate. Jew and Arab - in Israel are in the same boat. I felt comforted by our song. We continued with another piece.

Later that evening, Kamel said, "I always liked you, but tonight, your coming here, given the situation, makes me understand you even more. Thank you."

His words encouraged me beyond my weariness, beyond my sadness, beyond anything that could even start to get in my way of silence.

THis morning, my students arrived for our last sacred healing music session together. Yosi, from Tel Aviv called last night to ask if class will be held. "Of course", I replied.

It was a sublime day. We used the katyushas (missiles) as an allegory for the ways we ambush ourselves in daily life. The measure of a person is not when things are going well, but rather when they arent'.

After they left, I took a nap. I was awoken by another woman from Rosh Pinah. "Hi, I want to sing for you", she said. From her, I learned about the activity there today. "Last night we slept in underground shelters, it was like sleeping in the womb of mother earth", she said. What a constructive way of looking at things...

Five minutes ago, a German boy arrived upon my doorstep to stay the weekend. We are meeting for the first time. Matthias started out in Migal (where Mary Magdalene was born), this morning, hiking his way through the valleys until he arrive here this evening.

Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted with my personal accounts of daily life here.

Hope it will inspire you. Please ask me questions!!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

True Independence is a State of Mind

Today, in the United States, it is Independence Day. Having been born and raised in the US, the date rings a bell, resonating with a certain chime.

I live in the Middle East. Although the fourth of July is just an average day, I take the time to celebrate the essence of true independence.

Underneath the icon of a country's day of Independence, what is the essence of it's meaning? As I see it, the freedom of an individual to determine his/her own course in life. It is our birthright as human beings to use our free will.

How often though, do we really use it freely? Conditioning, bad habits, fear, lack of inner confidence and worry undermine our true worth.

Today, I remind myself that I am free to choose, and as well am RESPONSIBLE FOR, my decisions.

The quality of my life and my experience is measured, not by the events which occur, but by the way in which I choose to respond to them.

Wishing every one of us the freedom to actively choose that which will bring our highest good.

Happy Independence!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Relaxing in the midst of chaos - simple, fun exercise

Here's a simple and easy exercise which, if you are willing to practice for only one minute, can turn your busy workday irritation into an inspirational and meaningful therapeutic activity.

Here's how it goes:

1) While walking down a busy street, stop for one minute and just listen. Count how many different sounds you hear - without judging. Notice how your body feels.

Next step...

2) Listen for another minute to these same or other sounds and listen for their rhythm. You may hear honking, trucks whooshing by, sirens, loud talking, drilling, any type of sound in the city scape. If you live in a rural or country setting, do the same steps with the natural sounds you hear around you.

After discover the rhythm of these seemingly dissonent sounds...

3)Listen in order to discover the harmony amongst all those sounds. Yes, if you listen for it, you WILL discover it. Notice how you feel. How is your body now?

Don't believe what I write... it's worth nothing. Try it out and experience for yourself... that is worth EVERYTHING.

Look forward to your feedback.