Sunday, December 28, 2008

Alternative Response to Gaza - Light in the Darkness

War and peace exist at the same time. It's all what you focus upon. This is not to make light (pardon the pun), of the sorrowful bombs going off in Gaza. It is to show that there are alternative ways to live.

The people in the above picture, Jew and Arab alike, gathered in Galilee last night for the housewarming and opening of the Voices of Eden peace gardens and healing music center.

See more photos here.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Healing Meditation Music

I am so excited to have just completed this Healing Meditation Music video following an inspiration to start making them regularly.

What do you think? I need feedback to know what is most helpful to you.

Look forward to hearing from you, and wishing you much peace.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Chanukah from Israel

I spent the second night of chanukah making this movie.
If you want to know what I have been up to these last six months, watch this short film and you'll find out.

Hope you will be inspired. The music is new stuff I recorded for the holidays a few weeks ago, in an ancient Galilee cave. Please give yourself a true gift of peace, and save yourself a last minute trip to the mall (cuz it's instantly downloadable and green for the environment).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making peace with the holiday scrooges in your life

You're looking forward to sharing meaningful connections with your family and friends during the holidays. After all, this is the season of celebrating joy and peace. It's the perfect opportunity to gather, relax and appreciate the holiness of the unique goings on of each others' lives.

But how do you remain centered in your holiness when you meet up with the scrooge in your family who always seems to kill your sense of holiday spirit rather than increase it?

It's not as if the family scrooge is the only thing challenging your sense of sacred space. Shopping, writing holiday cards, getting to the post office to mail out the cards and packages on time, waiting in line, tackling the crowds, rushing to it all done with very little time, can easily kill the joy of an otherwise restful time.
As an exercise in creating peace, you invest lots of time and energy thinking about preparing that special recipe they took three helpings of last year. Then you run around town looking to find them that special gift that will also fit within your budget. Fear of their displeasure causes you to buy a gift more expensive than spend more money than originally planned leaving you with a sick sense of shame and embarrassment.

It's anything but sacred.

In wanting to keep the peace, you second guess yourself and them. You act nice and speak pleasantly, but you aren’t authentic with yourself or with them. It feels really empty.

So how come with all of the energy you're spending to go out of your way to please them, you're feeling even more stressed than you dare admit?

Perhaps it has nothing to do with what you are or aren't doing.

What will help you most to bring the sacred into the holiday season, even in the face of the family scrooge is to accept the sacred in yourself, exactly as you are.
The key to creating peace with yourself and the family scrooge is accepting yourself and the scrooge, right where you are, in the midst of holiday overwhelm. It's not enough to want it. You've got to place your heart as first priority to connect to the real holy and remain open to your critical family member.

Scrooges don't necessary have to be people.

They often show up as unseen voices of inner criticism. Whether heard or silent, your voice makes an impression upon the entire atmosphere. How you attune your voice makes the difference between your experience of harmony or disharmony with yourself and others.

Consciously attune your voice as an instrument of harmony and peace during the holidays.

Here are three ways that you can attune your voice to create peace and harmony within yourself and with those around you:

1)Reconnect to the Source of your voice. Silence is the source of all sound. It is the source of true harmony. In the morning, even before getting out of bed, take a few moments to listen to that silence. You may notice the scrooge voices begin to clamor for your attention. That's ok. Just noticing the difference between them and the silence will help you to choose where to place your focus.

2)Attune yourself to the Source of your voice. For example, when you need to speak with the scrooge on the telephone, take a moment to tune into the vibration of calm and peace you would like to experience within yourself, before you dial the number.

3)Feel the harmony in the Source of sound. When you are listening to your favorite holiday music, notice what it is about it that you love so much. Allow that to deepen. When someone says something that has a positive impact upon you, notice where in your body you feel the harmony of the sound behind their words. Then, when scrooge comes –a- calling, you can easily tune yourself into the source of harmony and meet them with love.

Remaining centered in your holiness when you meet up with the holiday scrooges can actually increase your sense of holiday spirit and true joy when you are willing to meet yourself and your loved ones, right where you are, right now.

This is what creating joy, peace and goodwill during the holidays is all about.

PS. If you are wanting to enjoy some peace right now, click here for a free download of holiday musicfrom the Holy land that will help you bring the holy back into your holidays. It was recorded in an ancient Galilee cave with peace doves who flew in for the occasion from Jerusalem. The album makes a great gift item, and it's instantly downloadable.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Holy music meditation for the Holidays

I am absolutely majorly jazzed to have made my first music meditation movie to promote the Holy Music from the Holy land project, brining the holy back to the holidays.

This is a two minute music meditation with pics of the ancient Galilee cave where I recorded it, replete with the doves who flew in from Jerusalem to help.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Stress - Dealing with Holiday Stress - Bringing the Holy back to the Holidays

Too stressed and tired to enjoy the sacredness of the holiday season?

By the time you read this page, you may just be itching to enjoy the holiday spirit. Maybe you've got a headache from contemplating what special gifts to buy that are meaningful, unique and they fit within your tightly stretched budget and there's too little time to complete all the items on what seems like your "to do list from hell".

Even if you don't feel on overdrive, if you're sensitive, whatever is simmering in your subconscious will be magnified, and you'll feel it more intensely.

What to do?

Click here to find out.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Accapella Peace Anthem Performed by Jewish Arab Ensemble

Rapeh et Libi - Ghalbi Fi Salaam - Heal My Heart

Please Heal My Heart
Please Heal My Soul
Let Peace Grow Inside Us
We will Know Another World

Please Take me to the True Place
The path of all I Dream
Of Love
Of Life
Of Clarity

We'll Know a Better World

The song was collectively written by Eliana Gilad, Arnon Friedman and Rania Haddad. The three of us: American, Israeli and Syrian lived in Paris around the time of the Oslo Accords.

Performing the song is the Jewish Arab accapella ensemble from Safed Ethnic Music college, where I headed the singing department. Performing with me are Zohar Lev, Shira Yaari, Sharon Levy and Hasan Kablan. The piece was performed at a year end concert in the City of Safed, center of Kabbalah - Jewish Mysticism.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Healing through Music

Click to watch a really inspiring and uplifting music video, recorded around the world, showing regular people collaborating together. Grace Boyle has put together a lovely blog that is uplifting as well. Click on the link above.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Pledge of Allegiance

This morning, I remembered the pledge that we used to repeat every morning during my grade school years, growing up in the United States of America... and the following updated version spilled from my pen...

The New Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the heart
Of the United States of my Being
And to the Republic for which it stands
One nation, Divinely created
With liberty and justice for all

What do you think?
How would your life change for the better, if you were to remember this in your heart?

Do you feel like the Lone Ranger of Peace?
Ever feel like you are the only one in your environment living peacefully.

This week, I discovered a great new movement:
If you are interested in finding other people who are committed to living peacefully, you'll be very pleasantly suprised to find thousands of people.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alternative Rosh HaShana in Israel

Rosh HaShana, the Hebrew New Year is being celebrated throughout the Jewish World today. In the Diaspora, for example in the US, where I was born and raised, Rosh HaShana means going to synagogue. Even those Jews who are not religious, will identify with their religion on this holiday, by going to the synagogue.

But here in Israel, where the majority of Jews are secular, it is only the religious who go to synagogue. The rest of the Jewish population celebrates the beginning of the new year (according to the lunar calendar), by taking the day off and celebrating with family and friends.

Last night with family and friends, we enjoyed a vegetarian gourmet feast, prepared pot-luck by each one of us. Today, I have been spending the day resting and recuperating from the last few weeks of intense construction work at the new Voices of Eden center.

In the afternoon I went for a walk to keep myself in shape after last night's eating frenzy (think Thanksgiving or Christmas family meal, then multiply it by 10!). In the park, I was tickled to find adults playing on the children's swing sets. You can watch them here:

Now, as I am writing this, it occurs to me that these people were very well finding their own creative ways for working off last nights festive meal!

One young man speaks with his friend (in Hebrew) as he swings to and fro, while behind him, two middle aged Russian women, gab, as they swing back and forth on another kind of swing.

As I type this entry, in the background, I can hear the Muezzin, calling the faithful to prayer from the mosque tower in the local Moslem village across the way. Today also marks the end of the Ramadan monthly fast, and several days of celebration begin.

I think I am pretty lucky to live in such a diverse place, where the new year and the Divine are being called in at the same time in so many different languages and faiths. This is harmony to my eyes and ears.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Temple is Entering It's Final Phase

This is a photo of the mosaic that will adorn the entryway to my home and the permanent center of Voices of Eden. I am making good on my promise to revive the music of Miriam from the Ancient temple, which by the way, you can read an excellent review of at:

Once the center is complete, I will have an open house so that people can come and hear the music. Here is a whole slew of updated photos from the sacred construction process. There are some photos of my son and me there too, as well as a Druze feast, and a visit to Magdalenes well with colleague Rosalyn Clare during her visit from England.

Ok, so now I have moved out of my home in the Galilee hills and am living temporarily as The Official Wandering Jew. But, as you might be able to see from these photos, the sacred temple is on it's way to being completed, and with a bit of luck, I will move in before mid-October.

I am just learning to take one day at a time, and to allow the process to take it's time. There is a natural rhythm, and the building, which is sacred, must be allowed to dance it's own dance. I am moving to it's music and learning in the process to stop trying to push the river. It's exhausting enough building a building, trying to control nature is... well, let's just say, over the top.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Moving Can Be Fun

I have an entire house to pack today. Moving tomorrow. By time I hear back from you, it will be from an internet cafe.

I cannot imagine how exciting this is. Have turned over my excitement brakes, realizing that this is just about one of the most exciting things I have EVER done in my life.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Music From Antiquity - Builds Confidence, Reduces Stress

Rain poured down in biblic proportions upon the mystic city of Safed, home of Jewish mysticism. Yet no amount thunder, lightning, sleet or hail could dampen the spirits of the multifaith ethnic music orchestra members who were about to make their debut performance in the college auditorium.
As waves of people entered, the auditorium alchemically transformed from a sea of empty white seats into a crowded swell of children and adults, knotted white prayer fringes hanging from beneath the coats of the traditional Jewish men, while multicolored kerchiefs bobbed to and fro on the heads of the observant Muslim women, punctuated with bare midrifts protruding from the teenagers' hip hugger jeans.

The concert began with the traditional eastern classical orchestral modes, revered by Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures in the orient. Following a short interlude that allowed the religious Jewish men to politely exit (it is against their tradition to be in the presence of a woman singing in public), the singers entered onto stage.

When Harmony Clashes with Dissonance

After solo pieces were beautifully performed in Hebrew and Arabic, the flavor turned Spanish. Zohar, a beautiful student of mine from the north, left her usual pop tunes and prepared a song inspired by the flamenco tradition.

The guitar strings and percussion wove in colorful tapestry accompanying Zohar's voice as it edged it's way from softness to power to BAMM!!! - when she collapsed and suddenly fell flat on the floor.

Gasps from the shocked audience replaced the silence which just a moment before had absorbed the haunting melody from her voice. Her husband ran onstage and carried her outside to the fresh air.
The MC went outside to find out what was happening.

Survival - the Booby Prize

When unexpected disaster collapses your world and your survival seems at stake, the automatic response is to fight, flee or disappear. The problem is, most times you get stuck there - in survival mode.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most difficult and painful disasters in your life seem to occur when you are flying forward towards your positive growth and then WHOOSH, you are suddenly swept up in a hurricane of emotion and crash to the ground and the entire world seems to crumble beneath your feet?

How do you lift yourself up after you've tumbled to the ground?

Diving off the cliff so the wind can lift your wings

I jumped in to fill the gap. "Here is an opportunity for all of us to make harmony", I said. "Yeh, hell seems to have broken loose. We don't know what to do. We're not in control. Yet we are in control of how we react right now. We have a choice in how we respond to this situation.

I'd like to suggest that we contemplate Zohar's health and well-being, rather than worrying about her sickness, as we move to the next musical piece".

Music is food for the soul

The orchestra began as I went outside to see what happened. Though she was still lying on the ground, she chuckled at her improbable state. "She will not go back up on stage!" the authorities declared.

Nuts are more than just a healthy snack

This song represented a huge breakthrough for her in expressing her authentic voice and I suspected perhaps her fainting was in reaction to the excitement and breaking through a tough layer of fear.

"How are you feeling?" I asked. She looked like she really wanted to continue. "Do you feel up to continuing?" I asked, leaving it up to her to decide what was most appropriate. To my suprise, she answered, "Yes!"

The MC and college authorities looked at us in disbelief as I escorted her back onto the stage.

At this point, you may be thinking, "How crazy! How irresponsible! How dangerous!" From an intellectual perspective, this could be true. It was a risk to support her in her decision, but sometimes doing the nutty thing, when your inner guidance clearly directs you to do something, is the most healthy, responsible way to respond, even if it looks bizarre. I trusted the Higher Power to determine the outcome.

It's never to late to begin again

The guitarist and percussionist provided the musical introduction as Zohar rebalanced herself with focusing exercises we had worked with over the past few months. Her singing was stronger than ever. The rain outside turned into a thunder of applause and standing ovation from the audience, visibly moved by her act of faith and courage.

Is there a place in your life where the ground has seemed to cave in beneath your feet? What small step could you take now towards turning your failure into a round of standing ovation?

Life continues after the show is over

While singing after collapsing left Zohar with a new sense of confidence, it also left it's traces of stage fright. "Perhaps it will happen again?" she worried. Following a few more months of coaching, she asked if I would accompany her on stage in another concert and help her choose the song. I answered, yes.

My lord who is eternal and everlasting

From the sand to the sea, to the sound of the crashing of the waves

For it is in the heavens, and in the crashing thunder, where the prayer of man is heard

Those are the words of the Hebrew spiritual we sang; Eli Eli. The live performance that you see see here, was composed in the moment, on the spot. It is the result of surrendering to vulnerability, allowing our bodies to be instruments, in service to the music.

I hope the Heavens heard our prayer.

I hope that you will post a comment so I can hear yours. Or visit the website.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Allow Yourself to Be Heard

Interested in deeply relaxing? Allowing yourself to be heard?

If so, I invite you to listen to a sample of special music meditation, conceived and recorded through a pure and honest practice of deep inner listening to the well of inspirational wisdom as practiced by the ancients.

The Voice you will hear comes from a process of surrendering myself, in service to the Sound. This allows me to connect to the Source of the sound allowing it to sound through me as it will.

My wish is that it will help you to connect to your Source.

The wordless vocal music is composed in the rhythm of seven. Seven allows your brainwaves and your nerves to balance themselves. The space in between the pulse, provides you with deep relaxation.

Longing for Peace - Healing War Zones of Daily Life

Not all war happens with bombs and guns.

There are war zones in everyday life. In order to make the healing and transformational power of music practical tools for daily life, I'm looking for a few readers to interview (by phone or Skype).

I'll be asking about where they most long for peace. What's in the way? What makes it hard to practice peace-making exercises?

If you're interested, please email me: eliana at

Longing for Peace - Healing War Zones of Daily Life

Not all war happens with bombs and guns.

There are war zones in everyday life. In order to make the healing and transformational power of music practical tools for daily life, I'm looking for a few readers to interview (by phone or Skype).

I'll be asking about where they most long for peace. What's in the way? What makes it hard to practice peace-making exercises?

If you're interested, please email me at musicpeace at

Gentle Pulse - Safed Jewish Arab Music Academy

Last week, was our year end concert with the Ethnic Music Academy at
Safed College. Safed is the mystical center of Kabbalah.

I had the lovely honor of conducting the orchestra for Dulab Hejaz -
where you will see the frame drum, along with my fellow conductors
and teachers - Yair Dalal, Eyal Shiloach and Emad Dellal.

You can see gorgeous photos here photographed by Yossi Gottlieb.

Monday, July 21, 2008

To Know You Better & Transform Together

I got a haircut yesterday so my outside will reflect the inner update and transformation I am going through.

I post this photo, taken just moments after leaving the hair salon.
Yeh, it's an imperfect phone pic, but it's authentic, and THAT's what I want to share.

How about you? What are you about to update? What kind of transformation would you be willing to go through?

I'd love it if you would answer the following so I can get to know you better....

All I want is _________________, but ___________________ gets in the way.
I love ______________ but _______________________________________________.
I wouldn't ___________________________ if only ______________________________.
I'd _________________________________ if only _______________________________.
What I really need is _______________________________________________________.
I know I could __________________________ if ________________________________.

Leave a post here or email me: musicpeace at (@)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Voices of Transformation and Healing - Hear it Here

Shira Yaari, Israel Dvir and Leeanne Shalev, three graduates of the Voices of Eden ancient healing and transformational music program have been involved in a post trauma healing music program with Project Wings - Knafayim in Western Galilee to serve a very special group of physically disabled multi-faith group of young adults who healing from post trauma and with it, learning to use their own voices as instruments of healing and transformation.

The home of this project is in Bustan HaGalil which is nestled on the mediterranean coastline, very close to an archeological site where ancient percussion instruments were found from the Bronze age.

As part of our healing music project, Shira spent time with the students making percussion instruments fashioned after the ancient ones. We will use them to evolve a healing music program, which God willing, will be presented at the Hecht Museum in the University of Haifa, where the ancient percussion instruments lie on display.

If you think your limitation, whatever you believe that to be, cannot be overcome, Tamir, born blind in Ethiopia who now lives with the other students in the North of Israel and Shira Yaari will prove to you that NOTHING is impossible.

Here they use the five elements of Voices of Eden ancient healing and transformational music to release stress, focus attention and provide you with inspiration and upliftment.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Foundation, Renovation and Transformation

These days my entire world from the inside out is a reflection of:
1) Foundation
2) Renovation
3) Transformation

I am happy to share with you the process of my new home and the future world headquarters of Voices of Eden as it is being renovated and expanded.

You can see the pics here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shavuot - Hebrew Harvest

As I write, I listen from my office window to the strains of Hebrew folks songs in the background, sung by a choir preparing for holiday festivities which will begin within another few hours. "Ima Adama"... "Mother Earth", they sing in harmonious refrain....

As described in the Ettinger report. with added notes of my own ...The Hebrew holiday of SHAVOU’OT is celebrated on the 6th day of the Hebrew month of Sivan, 50 days following Passover. It commemorates a critical event, which has shaped the nature of the world in general and Western democracies in particular: the receipt of the Torah 26 generations since Adam (Adam-Noah-Abraham-Amram, Moses’ father). The Hebrew words for Jehovah equal 26 in numerology, as is the number of Hebrew letters of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs: Abraham, Yitzhak, Yaakov, Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah.

SEVEN. The word SHAVOU’OT is derived from the Hebrew word SHVOUA' (vow), referring to the exchange of vows between G-D and the Jewish People. The root of Shvoua’ – and Shavou’ot - is the Hebrew word Seven-SHEVA. Shavou’ot is celebrated 7 weeks following Passover, reflecting the qualities of 7 key Jewish leaders: Abaraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aharon, Joseph and David. Number 7 represents wholesomeness in Hebrew tradition– 7 days of Creation. The Sabbath is the 7th day, there are 7 directions (No., So., West, East, Up, Down, one’s own position), Moses’ birth/death was on the 7th day of Adar, Jethro had 7 names and 7 daughters, Passover and Sukkot last for 7 days each, the first Hebrew verse in Genesis consists of 7 words, The Menorah has 7 branches, Jubilee follows seven 7-year cycles, each Plague lasted for 7 days, 7 Continents, 7 notes in a musical scale, 7 days of mourning, 7 Jewish Prophetesses, etc. Pentecost is celebrated – by Christians – on the 7th Sunday after Easter.

SEVEN is an important number. It's rhythm brings us to balance, as it combines even and odd numbers, both yin and yang. I am inspired today, and have recorded a short vocal piece, which I am so happy to share with you.
HOLIDAY OF UNITY – KING DAVID & MOST IMPORTANTLY - THE PROPHETESS MIRIAM. Shavou’ot is the day of birth/death of KING DAVID (as well as the day that Moses was saved by Pharaoh's daughter), who united the Hebrew People, elevating them to a most powerful position. LIttle is mentioned in the Old Testament about the Prophetess Miriam, though it is she who watched over Moses who allowed the Pharoah's daughter to find him. Miriam was a powerful prophetess in her own right. On this holiday of Shavuot, I would like to pay special hommage to her, particularly to her silent power of a mother, watching over her child so that he/she can grow up to fully express that which is his/her unique gift to humanity. That is the gift that Miriam provides us.

David – along with Moses and Abraham – was a role model of humility, hence the Hebrew acronym for ADAM (human-being in Hebrew): Abraham, David and Moses. 150 candles are lit at King David's tomb on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, consistent with the 150 chapters of Psalms mostly attributed to David. 150 is the numerical value of NEST (KEN in Hebrew), the warm environment of the Torah. David’s personal history (from shepherd to king) provides a lesson for individuals and nations: There’s an opportunity for everyone, the road to success is paved with difficulties and ups & downs, human beings are fallible but they must repent for their errors.

SCROLL OF RUTH – KING DAVID – HONOR THY MOTHER IN-LAW. Shavou’ot is highlighted by the studying of the Scroll of RUTH, the FIRST of Old Testament’s five scrolls: Ruth (read on Shavou’ot), Song of Songs (Passover), Ecclesiastes (Sukkot), Book of Lamentations (Ninth of Av), Esther (Purim). Ruth was the great grandmother of King David. She stuck by her mother-in-law, NAOMI, for more than 10 years during Naomi's most difficult times, financially and socially. Ruth, the daughter of Eglon and the granddaughter of Balak, kings of the Moabites, had the option to be reunited with her own People, and be assured of affluence. RUTH chose PRINCIPLES (LOYALTY, CONCERN, MODESTY and LOVE) OVER CONVENIENCE. Boaz - the chief of the Sanhedrin (Jewish Legislature) - attributes his initial affection for Ruth, whom he married, to "I am informed of your support of your Mother-In-Law." The total sum of the Hebrew letters of Ruth - in Numerology - produce the number of laws granted at Mt. Sinai (606), in addition to the 7 laws of Noah.

This is a great story of another powerful feminine archetype. Both men and women can be empowered by the story of Ruth.

HOLIDAY OF LIBERTY/HARVEST/OPTIMISM. The Torah was granted in the desert, a platform of Liberty, away from physical and spiritual constraints. Celebrated fifty day following the Exodus (physical deliverance) from Egypt, Shavou’ot signifies spiritual liberation. Shavou’ot celebrates the culmination of the agricultural, physical and spiritual HARVEST season of optimism, which starts on the second day of Passover.

Please enjoy these three free healing musical tunes, which I recorded freely. There are NO mixes, no alterations, no fixing up to make my voice sound "pretty" or "perfect". This is me NETTO, clean, virgin, white (with lots of blemishes and imperfections)!!!!! I hope it will support you in expressing your own imperfect perfection!!! Get the music here:


Monday, June 09, 2008

Think Less, Be More

Spending too much time in your head?

Thinking too much and being too little for what in your heart, you know you are?

Join the millions who will participate in the Great American Think Out to learn about the power of being versus thinking.

And it's not just for Americans.

Here's a bit about the program:

"Featuring some of the most impressive and popular contemporary spiritual authors, and renowned new thought instructors and trainers, this extraordinary campaign reveals incredible ways to quiet unproductive and anxious mind chatter and respond to your circumstances with love and intentionality."

A free and very practical 30-day email course is available here:

You'll find my contribution to the conversation on Day 13.

On October 2nd, 6 million people will turn this power on simultaneously to create a change in the world. Please join us!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Competition and Voices

Who's most popular? Who makes the most money? Who's the best parent ? Who is the biggest star?

Who has the most clients? Who is more spiritual?
Who's most honest? Who's right?

Too many questions can make you nauseous!

Gulp, it's scary to write this, not sure whether it's an act of courage or stupidity. In the interest of being real, I'll go ahead and take my chances.

Competition. The Western world is founded upon it. Our value system is based upon it and the entire way we learn to express ourselves, from the time we are young children is based upon it. More is better. Really?

To learn how to go beyond competition and the stress it places upon your heart, soul, and vocal chords, read the article "Voices and Competition".

Do you consider yourself a peace maker, healer, teacher, coach, therapist, artist, educator, or musician, genuinely wanting to free hearts and minds for the highest good. But how can you when your voice inside can't get out? Learn to free your authentic voice for use as a transformational tool, healing old wounds to freely and fully express your beautiful natural voice that is your Divine tool for making a difference in this world.

Learn more here.

Perhaps you were a free spirited child who loved to sing and dance wildly down the streets, but you grew up in a "proper" family where etiquette and manners were the most important order of the day. Instead of whistling dixie, you were told "children are to be seen and not heard". Your beautifully frivolous songs were met with " You're making too much noise!"

So you learn to adapt your communication to "get along" and succeed in your surroundings.

What happens when your heart lives on a different page in a different reality?

Read on.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Transform Your Stress, Transform The World!

Does It Frustrate You To Know - Inside, You Have 90% More to Sing, Yet Only 10% Seems to Come Out?

Have you invested lots of money, time, and energy on self improvement, sound healing courses, perhaps even vocal training, or meditation seminars only to stand in front of a group only to discover that what you so consciously intended to sing or say and what comes out of your mouth are like night and day?

Inside you know you're a catalyst for change and transformation. Yet your inner stress and fear of sounding silly, ridiculous or way "too out there" keep you from expressing the powerful voice that is uniquely you.

Transform Your Stress, Transform The World!

Learn How...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mary Magdalene and the Well

I had the good fortune this last week to guide Jan Cercone, Music Practitioner, who offers inspirational programs for using music in patient/staff settings, on a sacred peace tour to Mary Magdalene's well and other power points in Jerusalem and in the North of Israel, little known to tourists, nor locals alike.

Together, we sang and vocalized at Rujm el Hiri - a neolithic crop circle and sacred energy vortex, similar to Stonehenge in the Golan Heights. Jan came to Israel, having no idea what awaited her here. She just trusted the inner voice calling her to come.

How many times has a small still voice whispered some direction in your heart, only you did not have the faith in yourself to listen to it? We spoke about this alot. We contemplated this alot and sang about it alot. At Mary Magdalene's well, we meditated upon it, such that it would support all of us in opening our hearts to allow them to sing more. You can hear the singing of the babbling brook here at Magdalenes' well, with me humming in the background, and Jan contemplating good by the water's edge:

Healing Music Peace Project with the Physically Handicapped

It's important to you to make a difference in the world. You are a person of peace. But sometimes you feel like a lonely Pollyanna? The news, the violence, the sinking dollar, the stress, make you wonder if you're hoping for some childish dream?

When you don't have others to share good with or to reflect it back to you, it's easy to feel hopeless. Yeh, I know this story all too well.

Here's a story and a video to uplift your spirits and your energy. To know that all IS good.

Healing Music Project for Physically Handicapped & Disabled Terror Victims

Last year we began a new research with Knafayim, an organization for young disabled people born with physical handicaps, injured through acts of terror, and victims of the second Lebanon War. The program last year provided an immediate means of stress relief for the handicapped youth following the war. Their participation in the scientific research project conducted during the project provided them with a sense of importance.

There have historically been very few programs available for young people with special needs after high school and NO options that encourage or facilitate their leaving home and becoming independent adults capable of running their own lives. The few programs that do exist, and which Knafayim often works with cooperatively, typically address only one aspect of the person’s needs and do not focus on self-determination and real adult freedom as a central goal. Self care, social skills development are critical needs for this group. Following the war, this is even more critical.

While the program last year was successful, it also taught us the importance of meeting within small groups to overcome the embarrassment, self consciousness, and other negative effects caused by group pressure.

This video includes people such as yourself - who have come together to increase healing good. Israel Dvir, Liane Shalev, and Shira Yaarh, three graduates of the Voices of Eden ancient healing and transformational music program and I meet with the fantastically creative and inspiring youth at the Knafayim "Wings" Program.

Tamir, a blind Ethiopian boy leads the ensemble playing darbuka. Atef, a Bedouin Arab boy has just finished playing a beautiful tune on a flute that he made himself from an old unused pipe, Dana, Nofar, and Anna play a mean rhythm section with shakers modelled after the ancient ones found in the Galillee, close to the facilities at Bustan HaGalil. James, whose brilliant mind only makes his voice sound that much brighter, when he sings, holds the energy for the entire group while we sing and play.

This year's program consists of three phases to reach the following milestones:

1. Self Care Development. Through a weekly small group meeting, students address issues related to acute post trauma.

2. Social Skills Development. Within the small group meetings, the Voices of Eden five healing music elements will be taught to the students for practice within small groups:

a. Listening Skills
b. Receptivity to others
c. Response to the other

When the students express themselves, it builds self confidence.

Here you have it folks, the birthing of a true healing music ensemble born from the ashes of war, and flying like a phoenix up towards the heavens in a chorus from the voices of Eden.

The project is sponsored by the World Trust Foundation, whose mission is to support youth by various programs, training them to be youth ambassadors of peace. Special thanks to the Herson Stirman family foundation who has supported this project from the start. Also to Susan Jeffers, best seller author of "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway", whose support in the project and my work has made a world of difference. If you would like to make a donation to this project, please go to this site, and ear mark your donation, which is tax deductible in the US for the Voices of Eden music project.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Israel 60s independence day - a Peaceful Note

There are actually Israelis and Palestinians making peace. For six years, a grass roots movement has been quietly taking place, with individuals ready to create a healthy future, by BEING an LIVING EXAMPLE of peace.

In the words of Mohatma Gandhi... "Be the Change You Wish to See". The hundred plus, Jews, Christians, Moslems spent two days to listening to and acknowledging the "other" - pain, sorrow and celebration for the good that is, with resolve to create a better tomorrow, by living a more loving today.

While for Israel Jews, Independence Day is a celebration of freedom, for Palestinians it is a day of mourning.

This video was taken today, at the end of a two day meeting to acknowledge the pain, the wounds sustained from a multi-faceted complicated situation for both sides, with a willingness to listen and learn from the "other".

See and hear for yourself...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Israel's 60th Birthday - Celebration and Healing Old Wounds

For the last six years I have spent Israeli Independence Day in a very unique way. We, a group of 150-200 conscious Israelis and Palestinians have met to respect and commemorate the pain and loss on both sides and to create a shared independence.

Each year we meet in a different place. This year, our group will convene in Givat Haviva a peace college in the center of the country. The invitation calls for all those ready to move forward, to participate.

Two years ago, the meeting was held at Kibbutz Nes Amim in the upper Galilee, where German volunteers come to make their own peace between Jewish and Christian communities. That particular year was particularly powerful for me, as the German side of the Holocaust plays a very real part in both the creation of this state and also the victim-persecutor dynamic which gets played out between Israelis and Palestinians. It is the human drama, acted out sometimes in high drama in these parts. We focused upon the circle of victimy and how to go beyond it. We each chose a situation where we feel victim in life, learning about the different stages and where, we as victims, by our thinking, unwittingly become aggressors to ourselves and others.

Can you see a place in your life where you may unwittingly be aggressing yourself or others unneccessarily by victim thinking? If you don't think that you can overcome this, please listen here.

As you
enjoy listening to the beauty of this music, I invite you to contemplate how you might become more independent yourself by becoming easier upon yourself and your victim thinking.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Ancient Ringtones

Ancient Ringtones. Sounds like a non-sequeter, eh?!!

Yet, here I sit in the Holyland, amidst the ancient healing sites, and am inspired daily by the sights and sounds of this beautiful land.

A few years ago I played around with recording vocal healing sounds as a ringtone. This was my way of bringing the ancient to the present. When my telephone rings, instead of the usual electronic sounds, a single voice sings it's song. People sometimes smile and ask who is singing. I respond "it's me and my telephone".

Today, I played around with my bare hands, on my bare thighs and my bare voice.

Here's my newest ringtone - lively yet relaxed. If you would like a copy, just post here with your email, and I will happily forward it to you.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Miriam's Cup

Ok, so it's been a while since I have posted. I admit it! Let's just say that I am in the midst of a transition, not unlike the Hebrews freedom from slavery, which took them into the desert for forty years before they reached the Promised Land.

This evening begings the second holiday of Passover - and I have chosen to celebrate it by holding a Miriam's Seder. Over the last several years, a new tradition has begun of adding Miriam's Cup to the traditional Passover Seder Tradition.

You can find a nice description here.

Tonight's Miriam Seder at the Voices of Eden center, begins an annual tradition to honor the quiet yet indominable power of the prophetess Miriam, without whom Moses would not have survived. My life's work is dedicated to revive her ancient tradition and conscious use of voice and rhythm as a natural healer.

It is for this reason that I moved to Israel some fifteen years ago from France (even though I was born and raised in Los Angeles).

Here is what we will be doing. You can virtually join us if you'd like. We will each have a glass of water - our own personal well of experience and wisdom.

The question posed is:

How can I use the power of Miriam to soften my rough edges?

What type of slavery am I willing to free myself of with the soft power of compassion.

We take turns going around the circle. Each one takes his/her turn, to share, and then pours some of their water into Miriam's Cup.

When we have finished the rounds, we return again, this time, passing Miriams' cup and drinking from our combined wisdom.

You can join us. Please post what type of personal slavery you are freeing yourself from today. We will think of you and add your virtual well water into the cup.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Peace Through Music

What do you imagine would happen if you put thirty five religious and secular Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze in an ancient building in an ancient center of Jewish Mysticism in Northern Israel?

They create harmony, that's what.

Sometimes difficult situations birth the mothers of invention.
And many mothers there are. Dr. Essica Marks, who you will see at the end of this video, along with Vered Yaakovich, two forward thinking, open minded women, one a kibbutz dweller, the other a religious Jew, co-direct the new three year academy which combines a unique blend of ethnic music: from Klezmer and Hasidic music to classical Arabic and Turkish Maqam with other mediterranean, Irish, Gospel, and Accappella music thrown in to round out the multi-cultural repertoire.

I am fortunate to lead the singing department of the college. This video begins with one of my students Lubna Salame, joined by other students as they warm up for the concert given on Thursday evening at Bet Hadassah in the ancient city of Safed.

Leading other departments are Yair Dallal, who leads the Jewish Arab music section who you can see in the following video, leading the orchestra in the opening piece:

Eyal Sela, who heads the Mediteranean Music and Wind Department, and Eyal Shiloach who heads the Hasidic Music and Violin Department followed with a wonderful blend of Hasidic and Klezmer music. Following was a traditional Arabic composition conducted by Emad Dallal, who heads the classical Arabic Music Department:

Unfortunately the battery of my phone cum video ran out, preventing me from recording the beautiful performances of the singers. Fortunately I was able to get a short clip of Shira Yaari singing a beautiful classic Israeli folk tune:

Every person involved in this school, from the administrators, to the teachers to the students to the audience who came to listen to our first concert are to be commended for contributing to a very constructive program.

Please pass it on. If you would like to learn more about the many faceted directions of Israeli music, check out wikipedia:

To hear more music peace:

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Female Singers and the Prophetess Miriam

It's a trend with me. Female singers. Druze, Christian, Jewish. They come wanting to connect with a deeper voice inside. They are already beautiful singers in their own right. Many of them earn their living from the art.

Yesterday, I received yet another new client. She is Druze from the village of Magd Al Shams on the Syrian Border. Five minutes from her village is Berekhat Ram,

the lake where the Archeulian Goddess (shown above) was recently found. This stone figurine,is dated between 50-80,000 years old.

The soft power of the feminine, is rock solid.

The prophetess Miriam, led the Hebrews in celebration upon their successful crossing of the Red Sea to freedom from slavery in Egypt. She was a powerful leader in her own right. I suspect that she was most likely a highly regarded priestess in the Eypgtian temple of Hathor. Since her baby brother Moses, whom she guarded in the bulrushes, convincing the pharoahs daughter to adopt him, ended up a prince, Miriam too was inside the court.

We have Miriam to thank for quietly leading behind the scenes and for saving the ancient powerful techniques of voice and rhythm for sound health and happiness. I have made a commitment to serve as a modern midwife bridging the ancient technologies for modern use.

The Druze, are a sect whose ties are also in Egypt. They fled persecution as well, and settled in the high places of Northern Israel, Syria and Lebanon. I don't think it is by happenstance that all of the wonderful women singers are coming to me to connect more deeply with their voice. Their culture has a strong base founded in the reverence of the feminine divine.

Miriam's power is most definately coming back.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hebrew Goddess - Tree Ceremony

This is a lovely Hebrew Tree Ceremonial Dance choreographed by
Bosmat Carmeli who worked with the girls of my Galilee community, according to the ancient nature tradition.

Note the natural instruments, frame drum and violin, all played by women, supporting the ancient Hebrew tradition.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Galilee Dressed in White

It is so unusual for it to snow in Israel. This morning I woke up to a beautiful suprise.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Music Research & Dr. Emoto Water Crystal Video

Healing Music Research, Eliana Gilad & Dr. Masaru Emoto

Add to My Profile | More Videos It is an interview with Rivka Michaeli, (the Israeli Barbara Walters), myself and Dr. Arnon, who conducted the first research upon Voices of Eden music in a neonatal ward at Meir Hospital which serves a 50/50% Jewish and Arab population. There is a cool clip of healing harpist Sunita Staneslow and I performing in the intensive care unit for an Arab couple and their baby. The research, which continued for three years, shows that live Voices of Eden music lowers blood pressure, heart rate , increases focus and quality of sleep. The results were published in the June 2006 American medical journal BIRTH - Issues in Perinatal Care. In November of 2006 another research project based upon ours, was begun in eight neonatal wards across the United States. Joanne Loewy of Beth Israel Hospital in New York City is involved in the project.