Monday, July 23, 2007

Byron Katie & Jewish & Arab Women in Israel

Byron Katie came to Israel in July 2007. More than 1800 Jews, Christians and Muslims gathered to ask themselves four simple questions as a means to relieve their suffering and contribute to living peace.

Eliana Gilad, founder of Voices of Eden, who also organizes living peace tours in the Holy land, interviewed Tsila Hartman who along with her Arab colleague, Raouda Masalcha, who took it upon themselves to mobilize the Arab community to meet with Katie during her visit.

During the hour long teleconference, Gilad and Hartman, along with participants from all around the globe joined to explore how we can go beyond our inner barriers and beyond to connect with our inner peace.    Click to listen here.

Tsila Hartman shared the process of organizing this event along with Arik Peled, who along with his wife Vered, brought Byron Katie to Israel for the landmark event, which you can watch here.

The response to the teleconference was so inspiring that a follow up web conference will be planned to allow for the good to grow. Listen how one woman was moved to tears to participate in a constructive activity generated from the Middle East. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Byron Katie & The Work in Israel 2

I am excited to announce that after speaking with Arik Peled, who with his wife Vered are responsible for bringing The Work of Byron Katie to Israel, we will be having a free teleconference to give voice to the Good which exists in the Middle East, but which is too often not portrayed by the media. For this reason, through Voices of Eden, I produce these teleconfererences, it the impetus behind this entire blog, and the hope that you will come experience the good here for yourself by participating in a sacred peace tour.

Last Saturday - more than 1500 people gathered in Tel Aviv to consciously participate in a process of self inquiry. The following day, another 300-400 Arabs gathered with Byron Katie to do the same.

With a bit of luck, Tsila, who is responsible for the Arab sector, will also participate in the teleconference, along with both Jews and Arabs who were at these historic living peace events.

Please keep posted. We will be sending out details over the next few days. Mark July 23rd on your calendars.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Byron Katie in Israel

Yesterday I had the good fortune to spend the day with 1500 other Israelis who gathered to meet with Byron Katie and let go of their limiting and negative beliefs, source of all suffering.

Today, she is meeting with another large group of Arabs to do the same.

If you want to see conscious peace making in action.... watch the above!!!!

If you want to REALLY contribute to peace - come join us. Alex Peled did a fantastic job of putting the event together. As we say in these parts... KOL HA KAVOD!