Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mozart and Voices of Eden on CBS News

Do you believe everything you see on the news? Did you know that I sing and play Mozart? According to CBS television, evidently so.

If you watch this video (type in Music and Weight Gain in the search box watch), you'll see Sunita Staneslow - my healing harpist colleague with whom I work at Meir Hospital in our healing music project and I are both shown making music in the neonatal ward. You'll see me singing to babies, and working with mothers.

Only they're reporting about Mozart music. Evidently Voices of Eden music and Mozart are now being compared!

Music And Weight Gain

Wondering how to use this blooper and misrespresentation on CBS's part to get the word out about Voices of Eden music and Miriam's Secret?

What ideas do you have for me? I am all ears...

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