Thursday, April 26, 2012

What is the cost of true independence?

What is independence and what is it's cost?

Today is Independence Day in Israel. Last night, folks, young and old, joined in circles and danced in the streets.  I've been contemplating the meaning of independence.   A quick search in the dictionary brought up: "Freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others".

If this is true, does this mean that it's opposite is dependency? Is  there a difference between dependence and dependency?

Lester Levensen, a truly wise and free being, one of the huge gifts of my life, had this to say:

"A dependency relationship does not allow you to think for yourself, admits you are dependent on another human being, and prevents you from seeing your infinity. Conformity is dependency, is having to do what others do, wanting their approval. And independent person is always an oddball, not understood by society".

His continual prodding would stir me up, My own experience has found this to be true. Societies are set up for the individuals within them, to get along. Conformity is a necessary. You can express yourself as long as you don't stir the waters too much.

When your own truth differs from the consensus, it stirs up contention. The system is not set up to support the freedom of authentic independent voice of each individual.

When you are truly dedicated to your independence you risk being ousted from the group. I believe that this is the reason why, the biggest fear we humans possess, after the fear of death, is the fear of public speaking.

I also believe that this is the root cause of our Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde existence... yearning to express the voice of our hearts... then in the actual moment, speaking what seems to be the most politically or socially correct thing to "get along" and keep us safe.

Yet is it really safe when the cost of this "safety" is the price of your own inner truth.
Are truly independent people doomed to be always be the oddball, not understood by society?

What do you think?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Long Single Note Remembers Six Million

Today in the Holy land marks Holocaust Day. It is a day of remembering the six million people who died during World War 2 in Nazi Germany.

At 10 am in the morning, a single note siren was sounded through out the country, at the same time, for the duration of two minutes.  Whatever people are doing at that moment they stop. And I mean S-T-O-P.
Imagine, on the sidewalks and in the streets and on the freeway, everything goes comes to a grinding halt.

Have you ever seen traffic stop in the middle of a busy intersection - people get out of their cars and silently

- wherever they are - whether it's in the middle of the boulevard, in an office building, on the freeway, wherever, and stand in reverance, without saying a word, without any movement.

It's an amazingly powerful experience. An amazing sight to behold.

In Ancient Healing and Transformational music a long single note is used to create a sense of safety. During the three years of the first scientific research conducted upon Voices of Eden live music, the long single note was a fundamental element I showed mothers in the neonatal ward to practice in order to quiet their babies as well as their own inner stress.

What does this have to do with a long single note of a siren during Holocaust Day?  How we use sound, can either soothe us or send us reeling. Sound is a powerful element which touches a deep chord in our soul. When it is used wordlessly, it bypasses the intellect and has a profound affect.

When you consciously hum a long single note to yourself, it can bring you focus and clarity as well as provide you a sense of deeper connection to the Source of all life.

Though the impetus of sounding a long single note in remembrance of six million is particularly poignant and  painful for those who lost family members, the deeper potency of the sound lies in it's ability to move an entire country to stop and unite for two motionless minutes - in turn connecting it to the higher power of eternity.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is your voice healing or hurting your finances?

Is your voice healing or hurting your finances? 
This might seem like a pretty weird question.

What does voice have to do with money?
Actually, quite alot. Maybe not to what meets the eye... but in the case of finances, what meets your ear can have a direct impact upon what shows up (or not) in your bank account.

When you push and task master, it means there is some voice silently pushing you to "do, do, do"... there is no room to stop.  This will certainly cause stress and anxiety. You're so focused on "doing", that you forget the power of just being. Seeds sprout and gardens bloom, without their "doing" anything. They don't have to work so hard. Neither do we.

I learned something about how "not doing" can generate abundance today. Today is the second holiday of Passover. Passover celebrates freedom. It has been a glorious week - having the freedom to focus exclusively on Miriam's Secret, preparing the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for producing the multi-media took kit. It is exciting and empowering... and extremely intense and scary.  Instead of my usual pushing and forcing myself passed my fear, I decided to work in spurts of ninety minutes, then take a half hour break in the sacred grove which borders on the edge of my neighborhood.

Last week, I shot this photo when a group of my clients and I were leaving the grove, after a glorious session of ancient healing and transformational music.  I was mesmerized by the stark red color of the natural poppy flowers. I remember being very focused on work as I took the photo. It was a lovely respite for the eyes.

Today I have been particularly focused upon enjoying the experience of "being" without "doing" anything. This is while I am in the midst of writing the   book cover for Miriam's Secret as well as preparing the project page for Kickstarter. I am working on deadline. The experience is relaxing and uplifting. 

I shot this second photo in the same spot as the first. What astounded me was how many other flowers had sprouted within less than a week since I had shot the first photo.  No one "did" anything to sprout those flower. Nature took care of itself.

Nature takes care of itself.

You'll know this is at work, because you become energized instead of exhausted. When your inner voice is busy criticizing your, you may feel like you are being pulled in a bazillion gazillion directions and it's exhausting.

So how can you use your voice naturally that heals your finances?

You can dive into the source of all creation, by creating your own well song.

What's a well song? 

No words, no rules, just connecting to what soothes you.

When you sing wordlessly, you bypass your busy intellect. This allows your brain to rest.  The reverberation of the sound acts like a small pebble thrown into a pond. The ripple effect gently penetrates and allows the mind to relax. In this space, your higher consciousness becomes clearer and from this space, creative solutions appear.

Here's a well song I created a while ago to support the opening of abundance and prosperity. It's a pleasure to share it with you here... I was so suprised by what transpired in that recording... whimsy... bluesy... hadn't heard those tones in my voice for Y-E-A-R-S!

Slowing down, listening to yourself, soothing your inner critical voices through wordless singing, will quiet them down like a whining child. No more need to act out to get attention. Instead you give yourself much deserved acknowledgement... just for being alive. 

It's natural.  What did the music evoke in you? Leave a message. Your voice is important.