Thursday, May 27, 2010

Healing Music for Premature Baby

Wordless singing has been medically proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate, increase focus and quality of sleep amongst neonates in the NICU unit. In this video clip, I am guiding a new mother to sing with her baby in the neonatal ward of Meir Hospital. This lovely mother, appropriately named Shira, which in Hebrew means "singing - song" has taken to singing along with the monitor beeping in order to lower her own level of stress. You can hear the music composed for the healing music research project.

I have also opened a new blog specifically for lullaby music:

How do you calm yourself in the midst of the "beeping monitors" of daily life?

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Zoe Greenhalgh said...

Lovely video Eliana, thank you. I have recently spent a week with Musique et Sante in Paris on a neonatal workshop - absolutely wonderful. I shall be striving to get involved in my local area!

Zoe Greenhalgh (UK)
Early Childhood Music Specialist, Kodály