Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birth Music - for abundant good

Spring is quickly approaching... with it... an abundance of flowers, colors and the rebirth of life and goodness. To this end, I have decided to begin giving away all of my music.

I believe that doing this will bring more good into my life, and in an exponential way, into the life of others.

For those of you interested in birthing good into your own life, whether this be related to birth of a baby in your family, or whether the birth be of another kind, please allow me to invite you to a gift of healing music and allow the sounds and rhythm to midwive the birth of your own good.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healing Nature and Music

Last week, two students of mine, Eshel Rozio and Birgit Reshef and I made a pilgrimage to Tel Kadesh in the upper Galilee, home to an ancient temple as well as an amazing pistachio tree which was uprooted by a bomb which blasted it open during the war in 2006.

The incredible thing is, the blast, seemed to free the shape of a female body. Could it be the spirit of the Asherah - female divinity of ancient Hebrew tradition?

We let nature do the singing. This video is uncut, unedited... imperfectly human. Our vulnerable voices, allowing nature to sing through us.

What do you receive from listening to this? Can you see the feminine figure of the tree? Can't wait to hear from you.