Friday, August 04, 2006

Tonight is open house. First Friday of every month, this center is open to the public to come and enjoy the source of GOOD in silence. Afterwards we share dinner together. Everyone brings something to share.

We will meet this evening. It is more important than ever.

I feel so vulnerable. The door slams in response to a gust of wind. I jump.
In response to the fear, I turn it over to the Divine.

No way, will I shut my heart now. Yes, I feel so fragile.

And in my fragility, I find my true power.

NO. I will not bow to my fear.
NO. I am not endangering myself.
NO. I will not feed into, nor react to your fears... if only to comfort them.
YES. I am discovering my true safety.

My safety lies in the Divine to whom I surrender.
"Not real", you may silently snicker to yourself.

Well, it won't be until we honestly quiet ourselves enough to allow
the still small voice to guide us.

I am standing up to be counted. Please join me in the Land of the United Hearts of the Divine.

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