Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Peace in the War Zone

I just came back to the computer after going to sleep.
Only I lay there with too much on my mind to allow me to doze off.

Also, I slept until one o clock this afternoon. My body clock is way off.

War'll do it to you every time :-)...
Forgetting that I had just sent out another message to my good news email list (you can subscribe at: , I reopened the computer to discover ten well wishing emails from the announcement. What a plesant suprise! Thanks!

I decided to write what I learned as I was sitting in meditation before getting into bed, and before trying to fall asleep. I am writing down my experiences (there are so many and will organize them into a book) that I will be able to share with others in a constructive way. Gonna go write some more now.

Thank god for the computer and for internet. It's a life saver in war. Makes me feel connected.

All the best....

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