Sunday, July 23, 2006

Going to the Well

I am going to the well, in more ways than one.

Right now I am packing to go to the center of the country for a few days.

Missiles fell a bit too close for comfort at the edge of my village. The inner and outer directives tell me to leave.

It is painful. I want nothing more than to stay in my home. My neighbors will feed the cats. Tuesday we have the Thank Water Ceremony, but in Tel Aviv and not the Galilee as was originally planned.

I am thankful to know that this really is my home. I am so thankful to have wonderful friends who receive me with open arms without question. They even said I can bring the cats if I want:-)...

I am sure that they will be in good care with the neighbors until I return.

Thank you so much for all your support. It would be FANTASTIC if you will hold in mind the highest good, and practice connecting with YOUR inner quiet...

THen, hold that in mind expanding beyond your self.... until everything becomes the same self.

I will do the same.

We can compare notes later. Hopefully will write later from my the Sharon, back to the area where I lived before I moved to the Galilee.

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