Monday, April 10, 2006

Where is Israel?

Do you know?

Have you ever been here?

Does it conjure up images of camels, desert or war?

There's alot more... Running springs, wild flowers...

When you haven't been to a place, it conjures up images in the mind.
What the mind focuses upon, increases.

What could you focus upon today, someplace (physical or emotional) where you have not yet been, that increasing focus upon it, would do you GOOD?

Let me know!!! I am interested in hearing.


FIB said...

Where is Israel?

i think it's in my mind. it's living with me since I was a little child and my father told me about his roots.

he told us about Israel history and about how many people had to work hard to build this site.

Now, he had dead a long time ago and I'm still dreaming about travelling to Isarel some day.

A big hug from Mexico

Eliana Gilad said...

Thanks for your note.

What brought me to live here, started with a planned journey with a Mexican friend of mine (we were then living in France), who had a similar experience as you described.

I welcome you here in the Galilee. It would just make you cry, it's so beautiful!