Thursday, April 06, 2006

Passover in the Galilee

I just got back from the marketplace. Next week is Passover, which in Israel, is akin to Christmas in the United States and Europe... it's BIG... Holiday season...

I love to shop at the Sheevook supermarket because it provides me with a visceral experience of the tapestry known as the Galilee. Christian Arab cashiers dotted with Russian immigrant faces, religious Jews and a mixed sea of different colors and sizes of people mingle between the isles of this neighborhood store.

Today the lines were especially long as families stock up for the holiday season.

I had already bought most of my groceries earlier and was picking up a few forgotten items. I was outnumbered by overflowing baskets. Fortunately, I remembered the fast lane for up to ten items. The man in front of me sported a bulging basket.
Politely, I approached the cashier and asked her if this was the express lane? With her beautiful and distinct Arab accent she replied, "most days yes, but during the holiday, there is no express lane". I shut my mouth, quietly returned to the line to patiently await my turn.

As is a frequent occurence in this postage stamp sized country, I turned to see how long the line was, a discovered that standing behind me were my realtor and a colleague of mine. We spent the rest of our time in line engaged in lively discussion. The time passed quickly.

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