Friday, April 25, 2008

Miriam's Cup

Ok, so it's been a while since I have posted. I admit it! Let's just say that I am in the midst of a transition, not unlike the Hebrews freedom from slavery, which took them into the desert for forty years before they reached the Promised Land.

This evening begings the second holiday of Passover - and I have chosen to celebrate it by holding a Miriam's Seder. Over the last several years, a new tradition has begun of adding Miriam's Cup to the traditional Passover Seder Tradition.

You can find a nice description here.

Tonight's Miriam Seder at the Voices of Eden center, begins an annual tradition to honor the quiet yet indominable power of the prophetess Miriam, without whom Moses would not have survived. My life's work is dedicated to revive her ancient tradition and conscious use of voice and rhythm as a natural healer.

It is for this reason that I moved to Israel some fifteen years ago from France (even though I was born and raised in Los Angeles).

Here is what we will be doing. You can virtually join us if you'd like. We will each have a glass of water - our own personal well of experience and wisdom.

The question posed is:

How can I use the power of Miriam to soften my rough edges?

What type of slavery am I willing to free myself of with the soft power of compassion.

We take turns going around the circle. Each one takes his/her turn, to share, and then pours some of their water into Miriam's Cup.

When we have finished the rounds, we return again, this time, passing Miriams' cup and drinking from our combined wisdom.

You can join us. Please post what type of personal slavery you are freeing yourself from today. We will think of you and add your virtual well water into the cup.

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ec said...

Dear Eliana,
I just saw your post on the Miami Art Exchange blog! There you were, present, ringing through--thank you.
Let's do collaborate sometime. There'll be a way to do it.