Monday, July 21, 2008

To Know You Better & Transform Together

I got a haircut yesterday so my outside will reflect the inner update and transformation I am going through.

I post this photo, taken just moments after leaving the hair salon.
Yeh, it's an imperfect phone pic, but it's authentic, and THAT's what I want to share.

How about you? What are you about to update? What kind of transformation would you be willing to go through?

I'd love it if you would answer the following so I can get to know you better....

All I want is _________________, but ___________________ gets in the way.
I love ______________ but _______________________________________________.
I wouldn't ___________________________ if only ______________________________.
I'd _________________________________ if only _______________________________.
What I really need is _______________________________________________________.
I know I could __________________________ if ________________________________.

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