Friday, May 11, 2007

Pilgrimage of Peace Continues

The above photo was taken in my village of Amirim, a vegetarian health village situated in the hills of Galilee, on the road to Safed (Tsfat) in the Meron Mountains. The group had just arrived from a long day of touring and visiting with peace projects of Kibbutz Metzer and the humanitarian health project of Middleway in the village of Barta'a. The morning found them on a walking tour of Nazareth, to the White Mosque and to the Church of the Annunciation where Rev. Wilfredo Benitez lead the group in a moving meditation.

I don't know if the photo relays the energy with which they arrived to Amirim after a deeply moving day - even with jetlag from the many hours of travel the day before.
It was deeply gratifying for me to receive them at my home and the Voices of Eden Peace Center for dinner and a healing music program. After a silent meditation under the ancient carob tree to acknowledge the powerful meetings and dynamics experienced over the last twenty four hours, we sat down to a lovely vegetarian meal so lovingly prepared by Nati.

After dinner, it was not at all difficult to invite people into the healing music center to lie on the mattresses for a healing music meditation. This ancient healing and transformational music is intentionally wordless, bypassing the intellect, allowing the listener to connect within him or herself. The musicians of the project are Jewish and Arab... I was not playing for more than a few minutes before the lovely sound of rhythmic snores began to accompany my singing and drumming... In other situations, one would take this as an offence. For me, the sounds of deep sleep are a profound compliment.

After the music meditation, I took dictation from the Pilgrims wanting to add to this blog, before moving on to their hotel... and more... welcomed sleep. Unfortunately, the computer "bleeped" before the comments were uploaded... drats...

You'll just have to read the next blog to see what people had to say... I began to record the notes FIRST on a Word Decument.

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