Monday, May 07, 2007

Pilgrimage of Peace arrives to Israel-Palestine

Can you say "Maklubeh"?

Maklubeh is a Bedouin delicacy that the peace activists and multifaith religious leaders from Los Angeles will be experiencing on their weeklong Pilgrimage of Peace Tour in Israel-Palestine. This pioneering social action tour is led by Cantor Steven Puzarne, a close friend of mine for more than 40 years. It has been an inspiring experience of living peace and growth to co-create this tour together.

Puzarne has gathered an intimate group of fabulous community and religious peace leaders who are courageously visiting Israel and Palestine to support the countless unsung individuals and group peace activists working at a grass roots level here in the Middle East. I will introduce you to them as we progress through their ten day visit.

You can follow them on their trip as they post to the Pilgrimage of Peace blog that Puzarne has set up especially for this tour.

Check back here as well, as I will be posting more of our experiences during their stay. You'll get to meet many wonderful peace makers here in Israel and in Palestine.

I am so excited about this tour as it is physical proof to me that peace is growing. It is the also a physical manifestation of the vision that brought me to Israel some fifteen years ago. A major part of the inner directive is to bring people from over the seas to the Galilee to share the healing which has already begun. This quiet peace, being lived by many already, is quiet and soft. It does not shout, nor "market itself" to "get ahead". You won't find it in the newspaper headlines or on the mass media screens. You'll only recognize it by experiencing it.

I am so proud of Steve and the tour group, plus my partner Boaz Gershon, and our Palestinian partners Mark Garbett and Mark Khano of Guiding Star, for helping me make this first project of the Sacred Peace Tours a reality. We are already a living example of peace in the middle east, and it is a joy to be able to share this with other open minded people.


Ganessa Smythe said...

It is so good to read about good news from the Middle East.

All of you are to be congratulated. Who knows, maybe one day, I will join you.

Boaz Gershon said...

I am so happy about this pioneering group of leaders coming to Israel Palestine to participate and experience constructive peace making.

Nathan Rehovsky said...

I had a wonderful time with the Pilgrims of Peace.

It was a pleasure to feed the mouths and souls of these big hearted people.

I hope that more people will come to visit us in Israel - Palestine.