Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Increase Your Intuition with Ancient Wisdom

In today's overly chaotic world, when it seems you've got even less free time to do more essential things that you need to do just to survive, it's even more important to S-T-O-P.

 Sometimes, when you stop for a moment, it helps you to reconnect to your intuitive power, which will guide you more effectively to whatever is next on your plate, with alot more calm and inner focus.

 How can you listen to your intuition when you're too busy to even stop for five minutes?

 Sometimes, less is more...

 What does your intuition tell you?

 Please share it below in the comments box.

 Your voice truly makes a difference!

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Anonymous said...

"What does your intuition tell you?"

Silent Presence

Reviewed Solomon's Proverbs concerning the tongue soon after rising.

Practically speaking, upon your latest transmission, I was inspired to update featured video (automatic Thunder Drums of China) to something less abrasive, but can't right now. YT glitch.

With less manufactured noise, at my fingertips, I listened. Someone was cleaning upstairs. The birds were singing nearby. And the dog was barking at the wind.