Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Do You Get Them to See & Hear You in Noise??

How do I get other people to hear me in all the noise and distraction? 

Ever ask yourself that question? 

You have something genuine that your heart yearns to share. And at the same time, inside another voice warns you not to share your authentic truth for fear of being criticized, attacked or just plain ignored.

Last week I wrote about my inner voice guiding me to go to Tel Aviv - to sing onstage with Bobby McFerrin, even though the "authorities" e.g. his agent and organizer had politely declined in an email written back to inquiry from my marketing director. 

If you want to have more authority, be more authentic.

Eliana Gilad and Bobby McFerrin  in Tel Aviv

For those of you who need physical proof :-)...

It wasn't a matter of "pushing" or "forcing", rather listening authentically and giving more credence to the small voice inside and acting upon "It" vs the outer authority, which may have looked like and sounded like "No".

Yet, there's a higher authority at work in the universe. When we attune ourselves to the Source of our power, there is truly nothing that can stop us.

If you want to create miracles in your life, start by giving more credence to your authentic inner whispers...

On a similar tangent, ever asked yourself...

How Do I Get Attention In a Crowded Field?

Author and Thought Leader Jonathan Fields wrote a beautiful blog post this last week, that resonated with me as I have been pondering the whole issue of authenticity to it's depths.  He writes:

I’ve been asked this question by everyone from bloggers to actors, artists to entrepreneurs and corporate aspirants to movement makers.
How do I make a mark when it seems everything that can be created, said or done has been created, said or done by someone else?
Short answer.
"No field is too crowded to make a mark when you’re remarkable."

What is your experience?
How do YOU connect with your authenticity when it seems like everything is all the same or no one's listening, because they are too consumed with their own worries about the same thing? Express your voice below...

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BBGN said...

"How do I get other people to hear me in all the noise and distraction? Ever ask yourself that question? "

Mhm. By honoring invitations; upgrade RSVP to yes, occasionally. Sometimes, just showing up. However, circumstances in advancement requires projection and relying on waves to carry on: "We must become the Messengers' Messengers." ~ Elie Wiesel

I can think of one poetess who can electrify listeners without a Microphone.

"How Do I Get Attention In a Crowded Field?"

Recently, been listening to Sun's audiobook, "The Art of War" and just letting it sink in. Archiving notes, digitally.

Personally, a sudden outburst is necessary. Being consistently pleasant hasn't enhanced memory: "I don't like how Japanese culture is represented only by the flower arrangement" ~ Yukio Mishima

I like what Jonathan has to say about timing, as well.

Thank you for inquiring.