Thursday, December 29, 2011

High Dive into the Deep Waters of Change in 2012

Yup, we're all talking about it. And if we're not talking about it, we are feeling it...The end of another calendar year and the beginning of a new one.

Only this time, it's not just another year.

It's 2012. The time of change.

The time where so many predictions throughout the ages predict cataclysmic change. The most dire, is that of Armageddon - disaster city.

That energy hits particularly hard in my yard, since I LITERALLY LIVE 20 MINUTES from the physical site of Armageddon - what is known in Hebrew as Megiddo.

Yes, it's powerful. And scary. And exciting.

What if at the end of time there is something beyond?

What if whatever lies beyond is actually BETTER than what has been up until now?

Could you imagine that? It requires a willingness to let go of everything known.
That's what's so scary. And that's what is also so exciting.

It's a double edged sword.

The time has come to turn our swords into plowshares.
Tilling the soil is an inner job. I invite you to join me.

Enjoy this music video meditation recorded in the ancient well at Tel Dan in Northern Israel.

2012 - cataclysmic change which allows us to go beyond time and reconnect to eternal calm, which cannot be waivered by anything outside of ourselves.

We all deserve that. What do you think?

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