Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hummus in Pek'in - Ancient Galilee Peace Village

Now that summer is over, I can begin to post some of the wonderful visits during my vacation. This one was taken in Pek'in the ancient peace village in Galilee, where Jews, Christians, Druze and Muslims have lived for many centuries. I took the video in El Efendi restaurant - run by a Druze family. You'll get to meet them all here, including baby who sits perched upon the table while eveyone else eats Hummus. Now, for those of you in the US who think you know what hummus is... guess again... it is not the store purchased paste that you spread inside of a sandwich. This is liquid gold, that you wipe with a pita and it is made fresh every few hours. Watch and lick your chops as you do so. And if you want to taste it... well then you can join us on a Journey of Living Peace and taste it for yourself. There is an upcoming group in October and it is not too late to sign up, and another one in March 2008.

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