Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Spices, Scents, Music and Heaven

My trip to China to work with Easeland Music Spa was so inspiring, particularly to discover how advanced the Chinese are in the healing application of music.

The spa has seven floors, five for treatments, one for haute couture design and beauty salon, top floor for administrative offices and the conference hall (in the photo) where I led one workshop for clientele and invited guests of the CEO, another for doctors, professors and music therapists.

Here's what inspired me most:

1) Lua Chom Pei the CEO (she's in the middle of the photo with me and Avital Gamliel from the Israeli Embassy), an amazing business woman whose femininity is the bedrock of her business acumen combined with creative ingenuity.

Her company has developed a technology and equipment to provide a music spa treatment. I have never experienced anything quite like it. Her grace and power and humility are a blend I have never experienced before either. She truly inspired me.

She is a model for inspiration.

2) Though we did not share any spoken language in common, I felt "understood" by the people I worked with. Ancient Israel culture and healing music did not seem a "foreign concept" to them. They understood the connection between our two shared ancient civilizations.

To celebrate my success I went to Sabon.

My God their stuff is so great! It reminds me of the spa and my music... all natural, highest quality ingredients, made in Israel, love of nature...think green e.g. eco bags, use recycled glass...Sabon has stores all over Israel, if you live here or happen to visit, New York, Rome, Amsterdam, Toronto, Bucharest, London, I think LA too...Check them out.

I have bought their products over the years for my own use and for gifts to send to my savvy friends and family overseas. My recent purchases have me tickled pink. I took a photo of the products with some of the drums in the studio.

The amber body oil sends me into heaven. Never expected to like such a sweet scent, but I was mesmerized the moment I smelled it. If you can't imagine it, listen to this short relaxing music video and you'll have a very good idea, what I am talking about. Imagine ancient caravanseries with the most elegant, succulent spices and scents wafting in the air.

I rubbed some on this morning and am still enjoying the fragrance. It's just divine. The carrot face cream I purchased is also a marvel.

What scent goes with what music? What music goes to what scent? Can't wait to hear.


Anonymous said...

What a great post. Thanks for reminding me about Sabon. I loved visiting the New York store. Also went to a few in Amsterdam.

Great question about the music. It would be great to hear it in the stores. The clip you posted reminds me of Jasmine scented cream. Don't know about Amber. Will check it out. Thanks.

Rita Heap said...

Eliana, oh my god. My daughter just came to visit me in NJ and she had that Sabon bag just like the one in the blog post!

Knowing how meticulously she picks her products, it must be good stuff. I'll go check them on facebook.

Your music in the video is really soothing... natural. Do they carry it at Sabon? I'd love to have her pick up a copy with some of their other products the next time she goes in.

Eliana Gilad said...

Thanks for the comments. Rita, the music isn't sold at through Sabon. Maybe I'll speak to them about it. It's a great idea.

Jeanette Lackum said...

The water, the music, the voice, the scent... for me... vanilla.

Eliana Gilad said...

I love vanilla. Funny though, this purchase I see that my scent preference changed. Thought I would have purchased vanilla body oil and ended up LOVING the amber scent. Can't get enough of that scent. It just does it for me :-).

Ever tried amber? I'd never heard of it.

Jeanette Lackum said...

No, can't say I have. Sounds interesting. Sounds like China really had a profound impact upon your sensibilities.

Eliana Gilad said...

It really did. Something opened up in my heart. It was so unexpected too. Look forward to discovering what's next. Thanks for writing. I appreciate it :-)...