Friday, December 18, 2009

Sacred Holiday Music Concert in Nazareth - Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve – 20:00 – 24.12.09
Fauzi Azar Inn - Old City Nazareth

Join us for magical musical journey of heavenly song, sacred holiday music chants, ethereal harp and biblical percussion. This special holiday program illuminates the power of the voice, rhythm and harp as a natural healer such was used in ancient times.

Biblical frame drums are used to ground the body, sacred texts to soothe and relax the listener. In the ancient approach to music, the artist and audience are both actively involved in the musical experience.

This unique concert provides a genuine experience of holy music from the holy land.
Voices of Eden music has medically researched three times and found to lower blood pressure, heart rate, increase focus and quality of sleep.

Students of the Ancient Healing & Transformational Music course, based upon the research performed on this music, will participate in the concert as well.

Fauzi Azar Inn – Charming Guest House in the Ancient Quarter of Nazareth, which Mapa – the leading press has called, "the Dream Guest House", "One of the Best Finds", and "Simply Wonderful"…

Healing harpist, Sunita Staneslow and I have developed this healing music concert geared towards busy, overly stressed people wanting to reconnect to their inner calm and the sacred in life, while connecting intimately with their family as well. Watch this clip to get a feel for the program:

Price: 35 NIS. Limited Seating available. Reservations a must.
Directions: How to get to Fauzi Azar here. Tel: 054-4322352

Reserve Your Space Now:

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Lullaby Music Blog

A new year is on the horizon, along with a new life. Babies are coming out of my ears, my eyes and coming deeply into my heart.

It's a joy to be returning to the land of lullaby music. Last week, I returned to the Meir Hospital neonatal ward to sing for the babies, worked with a group of new mothers to help them sing to their babies, and this morning, presented to a group of 22 health care professionals to teach them about the therapeutic uses of Voices of Eden music.

The interest grows. So, I opened a new lullaby music blog which will be dedicated to lullaby music, mother music, and everything connected to help new mothers and health professionals use music for healing purposes.

The point is to build a generation of healthy babies. This can add a clear soothing drop of water to the creation of a healthy world.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Trying out new behaviour may feel weird, yet it allows you to expand and move forward.