Saturday, April 04, 2009

Miriam and Passover

I opened a new blog dedicated to Miriam and Passover:
Please come and visit.

So in my own path to freeing myself from the inner slavery of taking myself too seriously, I took a walk in the beautiful Park City Utah snow and made a snow (well) woman. Well, should we say, in the spirit of Passover, snow Miriam :-)...

How did I get from Galilee to Utah? On a plane :-)... My brother is getting married this evening outside (!) with the snow capped mountains as a backdrop. Will be here through Sunday and then it's off to Los Angeles through the 12th.

Today was fun. The snow was all powdery and dry. Pristine. No one had yet walked upon the freshly fallen carpet of one of natures true beauties. I threw snowballs.

Lest you wonder if it ever snows in Israel? Yes. Here is a snow man... eh... snow Moses :-)??? from my Galilee village, taken last year.

What would you be willing to do today to free yourself of your own inner slavery? Chloe, the daughter of my new sister in law Jackie, is such a beautiful teacher of openness, sincerity and just plain whimsical fun at play. So grateful to learn from her and my other nieces and nephews. What teachers!

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