Thursday, August 23, 2012

The blog has officially moved...almost.

In my earlier posts about the transition and transformation of the Goddess statuette I made in Sinai, I promised to give you an update...

Well, the big unveiling is here... She didn't explode in the oven, though she did come out... cracked and looking very different from what I expected

My blog has officially moved my new website... yet there are still lots of kinks to work out... which is why I am still blogging here. It's very a propos to the transformation of the Goddess.  I produced a cool video about it. You'll see madame live as well.

Peeling off the old layers, getting to the eternally youthful essence lying below the surface. Come see, hear and read...

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Do you know what your "Why" is?

I have known my "Why" all along.  Do you know yours?  

This inspiring Simon Sinek TED Talk   I saw today brought the point home how lately I have not expressed  my "Why" clearly. When you live from your WHY, you attract those who are like you.  This is good news and bad news... depending on how honest you are with yourself.  It's good news if you are expressing yourself from the inside outBut if you're looking outside to get the answer, you won't find it. 

Stop looking where the answers AREN'T. It doesn't work. It's exhausting. It's a dead end.

I am committed to listening to and living by my inner voice.  WHY? I feel wretched when I don't. I spend my days in constant inner questioning. Some may see this as navel gazing, some as nitpicking. I call it deep self inquiry. I know that I am the source of my reality. This truth is relative and can shift at a moment’s notice.

So how do you live in this turbulent world, living from your truth, expressing it, from the inside out, when it can shift like the sands every second? Two days ago, inspired by the Olympics, and by Nicola Bird's Jigsaw Box – 50K in 50 Days Bootcamp Challenge  I presented my own Special Offer program to help people connect and communicate who they really are from the inside out 

I grew up in a household of wonderful people who felt insecure about expressing their authentic voice and being heard safely. It caused me to feel alone, isolated and punished when I spoke up for myself.  My early experience evolved into a mission to  empower people to express themselves and be heard for who they really are, without having to be perfect or learn the “Secret 3 Steps” to "whatever solution" that makes your life "xyz" (you fill in the blank)...

While listening to my own authentic voice in the midst of change, I have met with ballistic anger, which has built up over many eons of supressing my inner truth. I won’t spend one more minute of my life looking for a way to oh so politely fit into society and bring what I have to bring... not knowing how it fits in, or whether it relates to anyone or anything. 

I am here now, joyfully showing up to support anyone ready to speak out and share themselves authentically. This is what Voices of Eden is all about. 

Why is it called Voices of Eden? It's an experiment to create a Garden of Eden. Not a physical garden, but creating your own promised land. Imagine what life would feel like as one by one, each one of us, in our own time, when ready, stops and listens inside for their honest inner voice... and they communicate it... and each voice is heard.... Imagine... all those honest, authentic (and I don't mean perfect) voices sounding together... this would be TRUE HARMONY

This is what my friend and colleague Christine Stevens has done to make her beautiful voice heard through her 
new book Music Medicine – the science and spirit of healing yourself with sound which I have the honor to be part of. 
(Sounds True, August 1, 2012).   The book is filled with over 170 research citations; more than 40 guided practices, and more than 60 audio tracks in playlists that accompany the chapters.  It is a ground-breaking book that SINGS!  

 What is YOUR "Why"?  If you don't know, WHY? 
Please leave a message... Every voice truly makes a difference.