Sunday, February 27, 2011

Petition for More Positive News

Petition for More Positive News. It's a petition through facebook for more solution oriented reporting in the media. Why bother?

Positive news gives people hope. It fills people will inspiration and uplifts them. This is good for the economy. When people feel good, they want to share more. They give more of themselves. They miss less work due to sick days, and the companies save money on insurance expenses.

When people feel good, they spend more and this generates flow into the economy.
When people cooperate, it creates goodwill and peace. For example, last year I wrote an article on Israeli and Palestinian mothers creating peace through healing lullaby music. The article was written for Common Ground newswire service. Common Ground is a wonderful wire service that reports good news from the Middle East.

The story was picked up all over the world, including the by Israel and Arab country media. Need I say more. Read the article and then leave your comment how you think peace can continue to be birthed...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Your Voice Creates Transformation. Here's How...

I've just spent a wonderful day writing the next chapter of my upcoming book Miriam's Secret. The subject is: Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Creates Transformation. Here's How...

Remembering that vibration is the essence of all matter, we can see that every single atom and molecule in this universe vibrates at some level. It has some sort of voice. Think about it for a moment; the crashing of the waves, the sound of the first drops of water when the rain begins to fall, the booming sound of thunder, the cry of a newborn baby, the chirping of the birds, and the roar of a lion.

There are no two voices alike. Every voice matters.

Sound is vibratory. Sound waves can be sculpted, even though we cannot see them. Sound is the most intimate form of creation, the first transformational manifestation from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. Thoughts and feelings speak very loudly and they affect us even though not one word may be spoken out loud.

I believe that this is why people have so many issues surrounding the issue of their voices. It’s said that after the fear of death, the number one fear of human beings is the fear of public speaking. Why do you suppose that is?

If we each have a unique imprint to make with our voices, why do we find it so hard to express it in the world?

Think about it. Every thing has a voice or sound connected to it. Drop a pebble into a pond. What do you hear? “Plink” the sound created as the pebble meets and penetrates below the water’s surface. The ripple effect, though we do not hear it, is nonetheless powerful as well.

The ripple effect of your voice is truly powerful.

1) When you vote for Miriam's Secret by Feb. 28th, you help us move to Round Two. It is impossible without you, alone.

2) When you leave a comment below or visit Miriams facebook page , your voice gets heard and is empowered for good.

3) When you send to ten friends (more is ok too :-) the email template below (edit as you wish), you empower others to express their voice as well.

All of this creates a ripple effect of good. Here's the email template:

Dear X,

My friend, author, musician and healing music composer Eliana
Gilad entered the Next Top Self Help Author contest sponsored by
Conari Press: Miriam's Secret - Midwiving the Birth of
Your Inner Transformation.

The winner will receive a publishing contract by Conari Press and help marketing the book.

The top 10% will move on to round two. February 28th is the voting deadline.

"I can't stop listening to this music. Still waters run deep!" V.

She's made a soothing, inspirational book trailer to help get the word out. She's also giving a powerful gift of five day healing sound course and two
chapters of the book:

Please help us spread the good word. Watch the video, vote, and send
this email to ten of your friends and ask them to send to ten or
more of theirs, post on facebook, twitter etc....

Registration & confirmation takes less than one minute - you'll return to Eliana Gilad's author page. Simply click the "Vote" button and you'll receive the confirmation link for the free chapters and five day online stress release course.

All the best,
(Your name)

Your voice makes a difference in my life. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Spices, Scents, Music and Heaven

My trip to China to work with Easeland Music Spa was so inspiring, particularly to discover how advanced the Chinese are in the healing application of music.

The spa has seven floors, five for treatments, one for haute couture design and beauty salon, top floor for administrative offices and the conference hall (in the photo) where I led one workshop for clientele and invited guests of the CEO, another for doctors, professors and music therapists.

Here's what inspired me most:

1) Lua Chom Pei the CEO (she's in the middle of the photo with me and Avital Gamliel from the Israeli Embassy), an amazing business woman whose femininity is the bedrock of her business acumen combined with creative ingenuity.

Her company has developed a technology and equipment to provide a music spa treatment. I have never experienced anything quite like it. Her grace and power and humility are a blend I have never experienced before either. She truly inspired me.

She is a model for inspiration.

2) Though we did not share any spoken language in common, I felt "understood" by the people I worked with. Ancient Israel culture and healing music did not seem a "foreign concept" to them. They understood the connection between our two shared ancient civilizations.

To celebrate my success I went to Sabon.

My God their stuff is so great! It reminds me of the spa and my music... all natural, highest quality ingredients, made in Israel, love of nature...think green e.g. eco bags, use recycled glass...Sabon has stores all over Israel, if you live here or happen to visit, New York, Rome, Amsterdam, Toronto, Bucharest, London, I think LA too...Check them out.

I have bought their products over the years for my own use and for gifts to send to my savvy friends and family overseas. My recent purchases have me tickled pink. I took a photo of the products with some of the drums in the studio.

The amber body oil sends me into heaven. Never expected to like such a sweet scent, but I was mesmerized the moment I smelled it. If you can't imagine it, listen to this short relaxing music video and you'll have a very good idea, what I am talking about. Imagine ancient caravanseries with the most elegant, succulent spices and scents wafting in the air.

I rubbed some on this morning and am still enjoying the fragrance. It's just divine. The carrot face cream I purchased is also a marvel.

What scent goes with what music? What music goes to what scent? Can't wait to hear.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Chinese New Year

The year of the rabbit has begun in China, and I am still feeling warm and fuzzy from my trip to Beijing less than two weeks ago. Though the weather was below freezing, the warmth I felt was deep.

What truly amazed me was how lack of language (I speak no more than two sentences of Mandarin, and they speak no English or Hebrew) made for almost two weeks of communication of a different kind. When you don't have a language in common, it allows an opportunity to communicate in more creative ways.

Take eating for example. If my hosts didn't take me to eat somewhere, I would eat in my hotel. How can you order a meal, when the menu is written in Chinese? I couldn't even ask what was on the menu. No one understood a word. So, I started flapping my arms like I was flying and vocalized "bawk bawk bawk" to the waitress to ask for chicken. This brought loads of laughter to us all. It brought some interesting dishes, and once it brought me an egg dish :-)... I had a good laugh over that one.

The other amazing thing to me is that there was no tea in the restaurant. Tea came as boiling water in a pot. If you want tea in Beijing, it's an expensive affair.

The owner of the music spa who brought me to tour in China presented me with an amazingly beautiful gift box on my last day in Beijing. It looked like gold was inside. Well actually it was filled with gold.... tea, that is.

She made it a point to tell the interpreter that this is gold tea, the most expensive kind, that she and her husband hand chose it. I guard this box with my life. It feels like such a stash. The flavor of the tea is soft, sweet and nothing like the type of tea served in North American Chinese restaurants. In Beijing I saw a tea store - it looked like a diamond store, filled with expensive jewels.

Anyway, the tea reminds me of the warmth I experienced in cold Beijing. I will write more about my experiences with the music on another post.